Here are some of my absolute favorite pieces!

(Mysterious Morning Sea necklace.)

(We See You necklace)

 (Phoenix necklace.)

(Fall sequin necklace.)

(Psychedelic Fried Egg II necklace.)

(Sequin Flower Ring)

(Honeycomb Necklace.)

 (Icicles Necklace.)

(Queen of Hearts necklace.)

(Pollen necklace.)

(Floral Fiesta necklace.)

(Red Galaxy collar.)

(Beading Heart necklace.)

(Freeform Button necklace.)

(Rainbow Bright cuff bracelet.)

(Freeform necklace.)

(Audrey necklace.)

(Sequined hearts, including Mini Audrey.)

(Norbert's Nest necklace.)

My pieces tend to vary drastically from one another. I admire people who have continuity in their work, but a cohesive style isn't for me -- I always want to play, to explore, to try something new. I also tend not to follow trends, unless it's by accident. I'm more interested in creating crazy pieces that I love.

If you'd like to see more of my jewelry, I share it throughout this site -- you can easily find it under the Eye Candy tag. It's also available on Flickr. And if you're interested in purchasing my work, visit my Etsy site! 

Thanks for taking an interest in my work, and have a sequintastic day! 


  1. You really are a doze of sparkle and shine.
    Debbie (Kepi)

  2. The copper ring with pink flowers is beautiful.

  3. Thanks, Angie!

    That's my favorite wire ring. :)

  4. You do some of the best work I ever seen!

    1. Tonya, you're such a doll! Thanks so much. <3

  5. I love the colours- wonderful, playful, light. :)

  6. I saw your comment in Jon Morrow's blog and was intrigued. You're very talented! I especially like your bead work -- it's beautiful.

    Good luck with your Etsy store and your website. You'll do well


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