Who is Sarah Sequins?

Hi, I'm Sarah! A jewelry designer and artist obsessed with all things sparkly.

My interest in jewelry making started when I was just nine years old. I wandered into one of those little accessory boutiques at the mall and saw the most amazing pair of sequin earrings. Huge purple sequins, like sparkly grapes, hung from gold chain.

I seriously coveted them, but they were way too expensive. I decided to go home and make my own, and I bought my first supplies from my local Ben Franklin. From the moment I sat down on my living room floor and started to create, I was hooked!

Since then, my collection of beads and sequins has expanded, and so has my skill set. Bead and sequin embroidery is my first love, but I enjoy freeform bead weaving, chain maille, and wire wrapping. Sequins are a perfect addition to all of these.

I'm also a writer, a doll fanatic, a hula hooper, an Introvert, a divergent thinker, a Scanner/Polymath, a night owl, the proud owner of very pretty curly hair, and a lover of tasty food, going on miniature adventures, and learning new things.

(Oh, and I make little pies. Little pies!  I probably should have started off with that.)

What is Saturday Sequins?

This blog is my ode to the two things I love most in the world. Namely, the making of wearable art and that most glamorous of fashion embellishments, the sequin. I strongly believe that sequins aren't just for dance costumes and prom dresses. They're for everyday wear.

Because honestly? Sequins are too fantastic not to wear all the frigging time.


My mission is to bring more sparkle and shine to your life and mine. On this blog, you'll find:

Things I make, including works in progress.

Featured artists -- especially people who use sequins.

Tutorials for jewelry and other projects.

Insights on creativity and the creative process.

Advice on doing what you love, whether it's for a living or for fun. Never underestimate the importance of doing things for fun!

Anything else sequin-related.

And once in awhile, random things like recipes or pictures of my socks.

(These are my actual feet!)

Random Things About Me.

I can't ride a bike.

I can't snap my fingers!

I think the avocado is the most perfect food... besides bacon.

I'm not kidding. I really dislike raisins.

I've never had my photo taken with a celebrity, but I have had some taken with a flock of trained flamingos, which is way better.

I absolutely must make a big deal out of every dog I meet. Because every puppy is the cutest and the best and should come home with me right now. 

I collect skills the way some girls collect shoes. I secretly want to go to Spy Camp. And take trapeze lessons. And learn kickboxing. And become fluent in ASL. And make homemade ice cream. Please note that I don't expect to do all these things at Spy Camp. Do they even have Spy Camp?

I affectionately call my brain The Wonky Jukebox because there is always music playing, and it's almost always something bizarre like Baby Got Back or Rock Lobster. I'm very good at getting these songs stuck in other people's brains, and I don't always use this power for good. Evil Grin.

I have two other superpowers. One is the ability to do crazy things with my voice, like imitate my favorite singers and comedians, even if they're dudes with deep voices. The other is Graydar, the ability to spot a gray hair a mile away. Even if it's in someone's nose -- which makes for some really awkward conversations.

What's Next?

Now that you know who I am and what I do, here are some other steps you can take:

1.) Read my most recent posts, and my favorite posts, and leave a comment! I'd love to hear from you.

2.) If you like what you read, stay in touch

Thanks for stopping by, and have a sequintastic day!


  1. You do have a knack in creative cute necklaces. Don't be surprised if one day the Long Island gold buyers would ask you to make some jewelries for them.

  2. vraiment bravo pour cette création

  3. wait wait wait you speak french? C'est encore plus merveilleux! J'adore ton blog :)

    1. Un tout petit peu, Marie-Michelle!

      Merci! <3


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