Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Time To Stitch!

Hi there, beady friends!

Today is the day of the A Time To Stitch blog hop, hosted by Therese and Christine. I've participated in A Time To Stitch hops before and always had fun, but I'm extra excited about this one because it's all about... bead embroidery stitches! Bead embroidery just happens to be the form of beadwork I love the most.

I saw this challenge as the perfect opportunity to get back into beading after a long hiatus. It was also the perfect time to use one of the cabochons I'd hoarded bought at the Idea Store a few years ago. And because this was a challenge, I decided to use blacks, browns, and tans -- all colors that usually take a back seat to the brighter ones in my bead stash. Here's the result:
Doing the embroidery was a lot of fun because it was mostly unplanned. All I knew was, I wanted to use my crazy lace agate, some earthy colors of beads, and a sequin or two -- because sequins. I like the way this turned out, and I'm looking forward to turning it into a finished piece.

What are my plans for this piece, you ask? It's going to be a necklace. Once I brick-stitch the edge beads on, I'm going to do some crazy freeform beading around the edges. And then I may or may not do a brick-stitch loop for a cord to go through, the way I did with this piece:

Other than that, the only thing I know is that there will be black faceted beads somewhere in the design, because that's what my beader's instinct is telling me to do. Whatever happens, I promise to share the result.

So that's my piece for the hop. Now it's time to mosey on over here to see the rest of the participants. I can't wait to see what they did! I bet it's awesome.

Sequintastically yours,

Sarah J. Sequins