Saturday, May 30, 2015

A fundraiser for puppies!

Jones, one of my favorite rescue dogs. Photo by Ken from the Dog Den.

Dear beady friends,

Earlier this month, I did a small favor for my favorite horror author, Vincent V. Cava. Because he is an extraordinary person in addition to a fantastic writer, he wrote me an email expressing his gratitude and stating that if I ever needed a favor, he would be happy to oblige.

And because I am an opportunistic little pest, I asked him if he could get in touch with his friends in the horror narrating community and set up a fundraising event for one of my favorite animal charities, A Place To Bark  The founder of this animal rescue, Bernie Berlin, rescues hundreds of dogs and cats every year from animal control, often taking on the most difficult (and expensive) medical cases. She works non-stop to keep homeless animals safe and healthy and is one of the kindest people I have ever seen.

And because Vincent is a great guy, he contacted his friend Mr. CreepyPasta, who also happens to be one of my favorite narrators of scary stories. And because MCP is also a great guy, he agreed, and he set up a NachoBirthday campaign.  He has raised a fair bit of money so far, but is far from the 5,000 dollar goal. And there's only one week left!

So if you could, would you donate to this very worthy cause? And if you can't donate, could you spread the word about this fundraiser and this charity? I would appreciate it very much, and in turn, I would owe YOU a favor. Send me your receipt, or proof that you shared this post, and I'll do something for you in return. Maybe you want to be a featured artist. Maybe you live in the US and want some sequins in the mail. Maybe you're struggling with a creative project and need some advice. Maybe you're looking for a specific object, like a cigar box, and we happen to have it at the Idea Store for super cheap. Whatever it is, within reason, I'll be happy to help.

So here's the link again!

Sequintastically yours,

Sarah J Sequins


  1. Shared on my FB page - no need for a favor, though - I always want to help the little pups and kitties any way I can. You're so awesome for thinking this up!

    1. Thank you, Nancy! You're awesome, too. <3 I can't wait to share some of my other ideas for helping animals.

    2. PS: I'm nowhere near as awesome as Vincent and MCP. MCP did a live stream event for his birthday to promote this fundraiser, and a ton of work went into it, as well as some stellar voice acting.

  2. It’s really heartwarming to see the efforts you’re putting into the fundraiser. I hope you are able to raise the amount soon. Best of luck!

  3. Hello everyone on this forum, I'm new here.



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