Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014: My Blogcation

Welcome to another Saturday at Saturday Sequins!

Over the years, I've gotten fed up with New Year's Resolutions, Words of The Year, and all the other things we talk about the moment January comes around. If there's anything I learned in 2014, it's that I need things to happen as organically as possible -- when I'm actually ready to make changes, and not when the calendar tells me to. I also don't do well announcing my plans to anyone but myself. My rebellious brain immediately takes this as a challenge to not do whatever I've come up with. Tricky, tricky little bugger.

(Incidentally, this year I intend to learn automotive repair and computer programming. I want to take Tango lessons and finish reading Walden. I would also like to fit more raisins into my diet....)

There's something that does work for me, however, and that's looking back at all the things that happened last year. It's a great way to focus on the things I've done, as opposed to the things I haven't done yet. It's also a perfect way to tell you What I Did on My Blogcation. Because honestly, I did a lot more than I thought I would. Fun and surprising things can happen when I don't hold myself to a plan.

Such as....

What I Did On My Blogcation:

Puppy-sitting! This year I did a lot more dog-walking and sitting, and it was wonderful. I made some new doggy friends, including a sweet old black lab, a lab puppy or two, and a precious boxer, and I saw old friends, including my doggy nephew and... my favorite black lab (the one I thought I'd never see again). I laughed a lot and snuggled a lot and even went for a jog or two. Some of these jogs were even on purpose! Only one of them was up a tree. And even though it was hard work, and even though it was a wee bit gross sometimes, I learned how it feels to do meaningful work I truly enjoy. I also learned that I don't need a glamorous job to feel fulfilled.

(I also fell in love with a cat. Me! The Queen of the Dog People!)

Dolls! My plastic friends took up most of my time. I got back into re-rooting dolls once I found some amazing sources for doll hair and refined my technique, and I must have done at least 20. That's not including partial re-roots or dolls I re-did with my shiny new doll hair. I also did a ton of sewing. In just one month I made 22 outfits and 10 doll quilts. If you're guessing that my dolls have some spiffy-looking bedrooms, you're right! If you're guessing that my poor Ken dolls still have no pants, you're also right.

I went thrift-hunting for dolls and furniture and discovered the wonder that is Savers. I followed a ton of doll blogs and toy-related Youtube channels. I spent an insane amount of time on Pinterest, looking at sewing and customizing tutorials, and I'm not the least bit ashamed. Pinterest is awesome and helpful and fun, fun, fun.

I also started a new blog, Sarah Plays Dolls. I'd rather keep this site just for beading because it makes more sense that way.  I don't want all the beading resource posts to get buried under a pile of semi-naked Ken photos.

Birds! This is an extension of doll collecting. I rescued several stuffed birdies, including two ostriches and a flamingo, from thrift stores. So if I wanted to, say, take some crazy photos to go with my Chickpea Curry Flamingo Soup recipe, I could. Domingo Flamingo is excited about this idea, believing it will jump-start his career as an actor, model, and all-around heartthrob. His words, not mine. 

Stories! Thanks to one of the doll-collecting Youtubers I follow, I discovered the awesomeness that is the scary story (Creepy Pasta) community on Youtube. I have listened to so, so many stories so far, and I have some new favorite authors and narrators. I also wrote my first fiction in forever, Crazy Quilt, and read it to my writing group during our annual Halloween storytelling party. I even showed it to complete strangers, which is unheard of for me.

Voice Acting! I did my first ever voice acting, something I'd always wanted to do, and I loved every minute of it. Mr. Sequin made a stop motion film for his niece for her birthday, and I voiced both of the characters. This led to another opportunity to audition for a role in someone else's project. Once I get over my self-consciousness, I'll go into more detail.

Maps! During a road trip, I learned how to read a map after years of being petrified of the things. I even got a little bit possessive over it. It's a small thing, but something I never thought I would do.

Publishing! I got a tutorial published in Bead and Button Magazine. This was awesome and surprising. But the very best thing? Two of my pieces appear in Karen Williams' new book about freeform peyote beading. I'm so excited and beyond flattered that she asked me. After becoming a backer on Kickstarter, hearing about the hard work and dedication she put into the project, and lending my editing eye, the book feels like a nephew or niece to me. 

Volunteering! The Idea Store got a new director, and I kind of love her. I came out of my volunteering hiatus for awhile to help with the fabric sale (I also bought 16 pounds of fabric) and the jewelry sale (I bought almost as many beads). During the jewelry sale, I worked with a friend of mine, and something astonishing happened. She gave me a lot of responsibility and frequently asked for my input. And I actually stepped up to the challenge. I tend to see myself as irresponsible and flaky, and I don't give people many chances to rely on me -- the idea is terrifying. But I was a grown-up about it, and it felt freaking amazing. 

Driving! I took a pretty long volunteering hiatus, and I used this time to practice my driving -- mostly going to, you guessed it, toy and thrift stores. I now know all kinds of alternate routes to get where I need to go, and this came in handy one rainy morning when our sump pump broke and turned into a fountain... and I had to navigate around closed and flooded streets to get to the hardware store. Once again, someone relied on me, and I pulled through. Maybe it's a little disappointing not to have a swimming pool in the basement, since it puts a damper on my whale farming dream, but one step at a time....

Beading! Yes, there was some actual beading towards the end of the year. On a dog-sitting job in the country, I started doing some playful, unplanned, freeform embroidery. Nothing's finished right now, but everything is fun. That's the most important thing, now that making jewelry is a hobby, not a business.

So many other things happened, but a post can only go on for so long before the reader and the writer go cross-eyed. So I'll finish this by saying, I'm kind of proud of myself for living a playful, unplanned, freeform life and for making room for all of my interests. I'd like to keep this up, but that sounds too much like a plan. So whatever happens, happens. Even Walden.

Now it's your turn: what did you do last year? Let's catch up!

Sequintastically yours,

Sarah J Sequins

And flamingo


  1. Glad you're back sounds like you had a very eventful year. 2015 is going to be even better!

    1. It's nice to be back! And it's nice to connect with you again. <3

  2. Happy new year, Sarah!! What a wonderful one it will be :-)

    1. Happy (Belated) New Year to you, too! <3

  3. Sarah! I've been taking a bit of a blogcation as well (both reading and writing), so it was wonderful to hear about all the adventures you've been having. One mention of working more raisins into your diet, and I remembered how much I'd been missing your sense of humor. At some point soon maybe I'll catch you up on what's been going on around this end of the blogosphere, but until then, know that I'm thrilled to see you, and if I ever have a spare afternoon to cook up some soup, all the flamingos in the neighborhood will be trembling!

    1. Bobbie, I am still so, so excited that you are in Chicago, and even more excited that you love City Beads as much as I do! <3

  4. Sarah, you have a really BEAUTIFUL blog! I must come back more often! Big hugs, April

    1. April, thank you so much! <3 This comment made my day -- and so did the ones on my dolly blog.


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