Saturday, January 18, 2014

Karen's Kickstarter!

Welcome to another Saturday at Saturday Sequins!

I have some exciting news to share with you. My very good friend Karen Williams is working on an expanded version of her book on freeform peyote beading -- which happens to be one of my favorite ever books about one of my favorite ever beading techniques.

(Sample cover designed by Karen.)

I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Karen is a superbly talented writer, beader, and instructor. This project promises to be seriously epic, and I've already become a backer. I think you should, too. If you need convincing, here is a link to her Kickstarter.

Also, here's a link to a Featured Friday post, all about her work.

And of course, here's a link to her blog with more information about her project.

I hope you'll support this project! Sequintastic Ken hopes so, too. In fact, he told me that when Karen reaches her goal, HE WILL LET ME PHOTOGRAPH HIM AND THE OTHER KENS WEARING TUTUS AND POST THE PICTURES ON MY BLOG.* TUTUS!!!! How's that for extra motivation?

(*The other Kens have not officially agreed to this. Boy, they're going to be surprised!)

Sequintastically yours,

Sarah J. Sequins


  1. You have now made me snort hot tea out my nose first thing in the morning! Or rather, you and Sequintastic Ken have. :-)

    Now we HAVE to reach the goal because I want to see the Kens in tutus! Thank you.

    1. Yay!!! Mission accomplished. I just hope your monitor's OK!

      I already have a tutu ready for the Kens to wear. They keep looking at it like they're wondering what it's doing in their room instead of all the Barbie rooms. ;)

  2. i was so in need of a new and productive hobby. but neither could i get any ideas or a starter motivation. and this post provides me with both


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