Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dolloween: A Preview!

Welcome to another Saturday at Saturday Sequins!
If you know me, you know that Halloween is my favorite holiday -- and that I celebrate it the whole month of October. Over the years I've picked up a few traditions, like buying pairs of spooky socks, watching a different horror movie every night, and getting together with friends to tell scary stories by candlelight. And of course, there's my visit to the Halloween store to look at costumes.

This year I decided to add something new to the mix. Something that would satisfy my need to make things and to spoil my dolls rotten. The girls would get a Halloween present, namely a giant box full of new clothing. After that we'd have a dress-up party and photo shoot, which I dubbed Dolloween. Because I'm me, and everything needs a silly name.

The box has so many fun, frilly, fabricky frocks in it, I can barely get the lid on. I'll save most of the outfits for the big Dolloween reveal, but I thought I'd share one of them tonight. It's one I'm especially proud of.

(Modeled by Ilsa, a newer member of my doll posse.)

The shirt is my very first attempt at a peasant top. When I came up with the idea, which had absolutely no pattern and evolved from a completely different piece of clothing, I thought it was crazy and would never work. This, of course, made me want to try it out even more, and I like the result. I love the way it fits over the skirt.

The skirt is made of white muslin that I painted by hand and decorated with silver, white and turquoise sequins. I was worried that the sequins were out of proportion, but looking at a lot of the dresses on my Pinterest board, I realized out of proportion can be fun and dramatic. So I just went with it.

Even though the sequins are a funky finishing touch, for me, the best part of the skirt is the fabric. I have a ton of the stuff sitting in a box in my studio, just gathering dust. Now I know what to use it for! I might embellish it with some thread and bead embroidery, and maybe some of the foam stamps I made.

So that's what I've been up to! Now you know why I've been so quiet online -- I've been busy playing Littlest Sweatshop. And in spite of the (seriously) tasteless joke, I've really been enjoying myself. Who knows? I might even sell some of my outfits, as long as the girls permit me to. 

Now it's your turn: do you have any special Halloween plans?

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Sarah J. Sequins

(And Ilsa)


  1. Doloween! Love it.

    And I'm right there with you on the socks. Bought a new pair of striped socks with Frankenstein's face on the toes earlier this week. Theatre cooler than they sound.

    I'm looking forward to the full Dolloween.

  2. As an admirer of your doll attire when I ran across this post I thought you might like to see it:
    You could make some dresses out of BEADS !

    1. The beaded kimono is so darn cute!!! Thanks for thinking of me. <3

      I tried to make bead dresses for my dolls 9 or 10 years ago, but back then I didn't know how to increase peyote stitch or do brick stitch at all, so they were... very skimpy. I keep thinking, I'll have to try again now that my skills have expanded.


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