Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sequinspiration: Bead Creature Necklace!!

Welcome to another Saturday at Saturday Sequins!

You might have noticed that I missed a whole month's worth of posts. It's a long story, but for now, let's just say that I'm officially back from my (mostly unplanned) blogcation, and I'm ready with this week's sequinspiration. Here's something I've been saving for a special occasion....

We See You!!!

Maybe you remember the bead creatures from this post? 

 And from this one?

Well, I was seriously smitten with these little guys and their googly eyes, so I decided to make them a habitat.

And that habitat turned into a beaded collar! It appeals to their adventurous nature and their curiosity about the human world. They can go everywhere I go, taking everything in with their beady eyes.

(Although if I'm not careful, sometimes they'll hop right off and start causing mischief. I was barely able to stop them from setting off every single bouncy ball in the Idea Store this week, and I could have sworn I heard them planning to build a battleship out of popsicle sticks...)

One of my favorite things about this necklace, besides the bead creatures, is the texture of the background. To make it organic-looking like moss, I used seed beads of all shapes and sizes. And even though the pattern looks random, let me tell you, it took a lot of planning to get it like that!

And of course -- and most importantly -- I used a variety of sequins. Some of them were flat. Some of them were cupped. I used at least four kinds of flower sequins, including some that were so tiny, I could barely see them against all the beadwork!

And if you look closely, you can see some other little details. Some of the bead creatures are a bit shy. They're not ready to come out just yet, but still, they really want to know what's going on. So their curious eyeballs peek out of the moss.

I call this piece We See You, because no matter where I am when I look at it, there's always a bead creature staring at me. Sometimes they look at me as if to say... why aren't you making more bead creatures? But mostly they want to know... what are we doing today? And what kind of trouble can we get into?

I hope the cuteness and quirkiness of bead creatures makes up for my month of silence! And I hope you'll join us next weekend for the Sequintastic September reveal. As long as the bead creatures don't tamper with my account again, I'll send out a reminder email this weekend.

Sequintastically yours,

Sarah J. Sequins


  1. Missed your Saturday sequinispitatinns!!! Most of the blogs I follow ,me included, seem to be on blogcations this summer!! Love your necklace and I am glad "we see you again"!!!

  2. I missed your previous post, unfortunately, but I love your little monsters! Their home is just fantastic!

  3. Cute critters, love their little habitat! :D

    As for the reveal, I just thought of it yesterday. Have been ill these last weeks so I haven't done much or even thought about it, but I'm starting to feel better and hope to have something to show next weekend. Nothing amazing, but still hopefully a little something.

  4. Ohmygosh! That is absolutely ADORABLE!! <3

  5. One creature is cute but a whole group of them is absolutely adorable! What do you call a group of adorable bead creatures? You know, a flock of birds, a pod of whales, a gaggle of geese, a ____________ of beaded creatures??????? I do love them, you did such a wonderful job.

  6. This is both absolutely gorgeous and great fun! I am sure it would be the topic of conversation if you wore it to a party. Glad to see your back :0)

  7. Hi Sarah,
    Your beady creatures are adorable, I love the collar!

  8. This collar is incredible! There is so much fun going on here! You are in a class all by yourself with your the BEST of ways!

  9. This is just wayyyyy tooooo cooollll.
    Wishing you a great week

  10. SO inspiring!! Omygosh I adore your beady creatures!!! I want to put one on one of my beaded rocks!! It would have a lovely home... ;) I think it's an outrageously fabulous concept, and I missed you and am glad you're writing again. I had to go and revisit the two older posts you alluded to, as well, and so now I am also grinning because I am NOT the only adult beadaholic who has such meaningful dialogue with nearby canines...

  11. Oh my word! Those are the cutest little babies ever! I adore them!!!! You are just a genius girl!

  12. What a hoot these little guys are! Love them! Black and white beads are such useful creatures, aren't they?

  13. These are soooo fun! I love your little guys and now they can go on the road with you, yet still be right at home. This is truly one of the most creative (and fun) pieces I've seen in a long while!


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