Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bead Show! (Part II.)

Welcome to another Saturday at Saturday Sequins!

Last week I showed you some pieces from the Bead Dreams exhibit, which is always my favorite part of the bead show. Now I'm going to tell you about the rest of the trip!

Day 1

The first day was a travel day. On the way to Milwaukee, we stopped for lunch at Angelfood Bakery. The weather was gorgeous, so we sat outside. While we were eating, a very nice lady left her puppy outside the bakery and had no problem with me fawning all over the little darlin'.

(The puppy didn't mind, either. They usually don't!)

I should mention that a certain fuzzy pink someone demanded to come on the trip.

He had to make sure I didn't snuggle too many puppies while I was away.

Day 2

This was the day Mr. Sequin had his photography class. 

I let myself sleep in -- I didn't have any classes that day, and it wasn't quite shopping time. I had lunch with Mr. Sequin at our usual place, which makes the most amazeballs grilled cheese, and after that I just walked around. This gave me a chance to break in my new bag and find some Oreos.

(Mr. Skull Bag, the newest member of the Saturday Sequins family.)

I spent a lot of time looking at the Bead Dreams pieces. I'm glad I did, because not only were they gorgeous, but I recognized so many names! Each time I came back to look again, I saw another friend. Wow, I know some talented people.

After Mr. Sequin's class, we had dinner at the Calderone Club, and I had some amazing, melt-in-your-mouth meatballs. And as we were getting ready to leave, Mr. Sequin pointed out that Mandi Ainsworth had just walked in. So of course, I had to meet her.

(I'm hoping I didn't trample too many waiters on the way. Can you tell I get excited easily?)

Mandi is just as lovely in person as she is online. And so very patient, too. A friend of hers tried to snap a photo of us together, and I was a difficult subject (this happens a lot). The first time, my face got tired from smiling, so I did kind of a Billy Idol sneer. I flinched the second time because I had a hair on my face, and I thought it was a spider. And then, for some reason, I struck this crazy superhero pose with my neck at an awkward angle.

(I'm not even sure how I got it that way. I guess my superhero name would be The Pink Owl.)

And then it was time for Meet The Teachers!!!! Getting ready, I channeled my inner teenage girl and changed my necklace at least three times. I finally decided to wear this one, which was a great match for my favorite sparkly skirt:

Meet The Teachers was wonderful. I saw friends like Sherry Serafini, Vanessa Walilko, Susan Lenart Kazmer, and Cindy Holsclaw -- Cindy and I even geeked out over chemistry, which was fun and hilarious. I also got to see Dana Powers, who was in my class with Sherry last Fall. Terrific lady.

I made some new friends, too. I finally got to meet Laura McCabe, and she was so nice! She didn't seem to mind my fangirl squealing too terribly much, and we bonded over a shared love of all things circus. And of course, I got to meet Amee Sweet-McNamara. I could already tell I was going to like her.

By the end of the night, I was exhausted, but very happy. All I wanted to do was drink a bathtub full of ice water and go to sleep! I only did one of these.

Day 3

This was an exciting day for me -- the day of my class with Amee! Now, I've had some good teachers at the show over the years, some great teachers, and even one not-so-good one. Amee was one of the best instructors I've ever had at Bead and Button! 

She had this boisterous, bubbly personality and a great way of setting boundaries with the class. She taught us so many little tips and tricks that made the technique easier to learn. And she gave all of us so much individual attention! By the end, I wanted to tag along with her to the rest of her classes, just to observe her teaching style.

And soutache and I? I think we're going to be friends. I'm pretty proud of the little component I made.

(It looks like a butterfly!)

Then it was time... for shopping. Which, of course, is my other favorite part of the show. The very first thing I did was go to Whimbeads so I could shop for seed beads, and most importantly, meet Kinga Nichols, who was working in their booth.

In case you didn't know, Kinga is one of my favoritest bead embroiderers ever. Just look how incredible she is! She's absolutely precious in person, too, as you might guess.

After that, I made my usual trip to BeadAlgo. And just when I thought my crystal buying was finished... I stumbled across C & S Beads! They had these itty bitty crystal beads, which were perfect for doll jewelry. To top it off, Bob Onderlinde was a sweet guy and made me feel so welcome there. Love ya, Bob!

My last stop of the evening was Beyond Beadery. I could have spent all day there, but at this point, I was running out of money, so I limited myself to some bugle beads. As usual, I met some fantastic people in line.

(Deborah K, you need to move to Illinois!!! I don't care how awesome Minneapolis is. Also, Betcey... who was that adorable boy you had working for you? He was a sweetheart -- bring him back next year, OK?)

Wait. Did I say this was the last stop? I was kidding. Mr. Sequin and I made a last minute stop to Green Girl Studios. I didn't buy anything, but Mr. Sequin did. And oh my gosh! I got to meet Greg Ogden, creator of the zombie and skull beads that I love so much. I found out that he's making a skull with a hinged jaw. A hinged jaw!!!! Remind me to buy one next year.

Day 4

This wasn't an eventful day. It was a travel day, and because we met up with Vanessa the previous night for chatting, Sean Connery impressions, and dessert, I was pretty wiped out from all the fun... so I slept through most of it.

But! I was awake for milkshakes at The Chocolate Shoppe. Oh, how I love that Zanzibar chocolate.

And that, in a nutshell, is my trip. I had a blast this year, like I always do. And like it always does, it went by way too fast! I'm already looking forward to next year. 

Now it's your turn: Did you go to the show? What did you do? What did you buy???

Thanks for stopping by, and have a sequintastic day!


  1. WOW.. looks like you had a wonderful time. Love Mr Skull Bag btw.. lol I did not go to the show unfortunately.

  2. It was great to see you again and geek out about chemistry! I loved seeing your sequintastic necklace in person... I think it might be my favorite of your pieces!

    I wrote more about my Bead & Button trip on my blog, but I spent most of my time teaching with a little bit of visiting on the show floor on Friday and Saturday. I had the pleasure of meeting the other Bead Dreams finalists on Thursday night, and visiting with some fellow instructors on Friday night. It was a ton of fun and I can't wait until next year!

  3. Great soutache piece, I admire you I had a struggle with soutache.


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