Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Critters!

Welcome to another Saturday at Saturday Sequins!

I'd like to start this off by thanking everyone who entered last week's giveaway. You left such wonderful comments! I loved hearing about the animals in your lives and finding out that you, too, see them as a part of the family.

(Also, super duper congrats with glitter on top to Barb, the giveaway winner!)  

Writing about creative people and the animals they love got me thinking about the critters in my own life. You see, I don't technically have any pets, but I do have plenty of creatures to love and appreciate.

There are the squirrels in the front yard. There are the bunnies in the back yard.

 (Including tiny, bouncy baby bunnies!!!)

And inside the house? Well, every available surface is crawling with... bead creatures!!!

They're cute, they're quiet,  and they make me laugh with their silly googly eyes. At night, I think they sneak around and steal my socks and chase loose beads across the floor, but so far I haven't been able to catch them in the act.

And then there's my best pal, Cliffy.

I got Cliffy the little pink Dachshund right around the time I started doing bead embroidery. Cliffy's the perfect couch buddy because he doesn't take up a lot of room, and he doesn't seem to mind getting covered in sequins. Also? He gives the best hugs because he's so soft and squishy.

And then there's my nephew. I stop by to chat with his mom and to play with him once a week. Here he is, all tuckered out after an afternoon of roughhousing.


Some of his best qualities are his precious puppy face (obviously) and the ability to turn a simple game of fetch into a full contact sport. He's also a sweet, good-natured boy who loves to be snuggled, and who still tries to sit on my lap even though he's fully grown.

If you want to know who I really am, just introduce me to a dog -- especially a rambunctious one. I let down my guard faster than I do with people because dogs and I just get each other. They give me a chance to fully be my crazy, goofy self. And to talk about the deeper things in life like who has a ball? Who has a ball? Does you have a ball? Yes, you does!!!*

So those are some of my critter friends. How about you? I know a lot of you answered this last week, but for anyone who didn't get a chance... who are the critters in your life? 
And now it's time to curl up on the couch and watch a movie with Cliffy. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your critter stories, and have a sequintastic day!

*Actual dialogue. Seriously.

PS: For my post about LA Blogcademy, go here! 


  1. Hi Sarah, critters everywhere here. Five rescue dogs, 6 ducks including one who is a rescue and two bunnies, and yes one who is a rescue...bunnies and ducks hang out togthers in their protected world and dogs everywhere inside. We also have cute wild bunnies too and squirrels and my fave chipmunks....then there is the wildlife, but you get the idea.....xox

    1. Corrine, oh my gosh! I totally admire and envy your gang of animals.

      I love that you have ducks. They're so much fun to feed!

  2. Hey Sarah look ar Berger beads under vintage sequins they have some neat waffle and pinwheel additions. Sequins those are my critters they sparkle all over my house.

    1. Ooh! Thanks for the heads-up, Shirlee!

      Sequins are your critters. What an awesome way to put it! When I think about it, they're my critters, too.

      (Have you ever found sequins in your fridge? That happened to me a few months ago, and I was like... I'm only eating these if we're out of oatmeal.)

  3. Aw!!! Bunbuns is adorable!!!! I love your beady critters too, so cute :D And your nephew looks my Princess who passed away in Jan. I miss her terribly, but we have 2 black lab puppies that are keeping us busy. We just had back yard resodded. Little did I know they were 'extreme, diggers!!

    1. Isn't they just precious!!!?

      I'm sorry about your loss. I still miss my Harry, who passed away three years ago. So I definitely know where you're coming from.

      Two black lab puppies?! That must be so wonderful, and such a handful!! Do you have any photos?

  4. N'aaaaw, doggie. :D That look of furious concentration that dogs do when they sleep is so funny. "I am going to nap the HELL out of this nap!!!"

    I am a bit short on critters, but I do have rabbits hopping around outside my house all the time. In fact, they seem to be common all throughout this town, including down in the city center (in the early morning, at least). I gotta say, they have more traffic sense than most people I know...

    Also, er, hi. Long time no see? :) I am totally lurking on this blog, I just have very little to say about sequins. ^_^;

  5. You shared your bead creatures! I still think they are the bestest. I could totally see them chasing loose beads and stealing socks!

    Around here, we have old man Wormwood, our 19 year old cat who rules the roost, and an ever-growing school of beaded fish in varying stages of construction.


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