Saturday, May 4, 2013

Celebrating Pet Moms With B3!

Welcome to another Saturday at Saturday Sequins!

I have a treat for you today. A few weeks ago, my favorite jump ring supplier, Blue Buddha Boutique in Chicago, contacted me about writing a special post and hosting a giveaway on my blog. And because B3 sells such amazing products - and because sequins and chain maille go together like chocolate and peanut butter - I was more than happy to participate!

They asked me to write a post for Mother's Day. I've been enjoying my time as a dog aunt, so I decided to put a spin on it. So here's my post honoring some very special women... Blue Buddha pet moms!

I Heart Pet Moms!

There's something absolutely amazeballs about bringing someone into your home. Someone who isn't related to you. Someone who isn't even the same species as you. Someone who has a past, and maybe a suitcase or two of emotional baggage.

(Honestly? It warms my little heart and makes me all sniffly. I'm such a sap.)

Here are some women from Blue Buddha who did just that. Pictured, of course, with their adorable animal friends.

Here's B3 owner Rebeca Mojica with her kitty, Apollo:

Here's Rebeca again with both of her kitties, Apollo and Zeela. 

This is new pet mom Jenna with her puppy, Maybelle:

Here's Kat with her cats! Nacho and Lloyd.

And here she is with her puppy, Sesame.

And here's Emily with her kitty, Roscoe:

Thanks, Blue Buddha pet moms, for sharing your homes with these cuties. You rock! <3

The Purrfect Gift

As you know, I'm a big fan of charities that help animals. I asked for donations to Batworld for my birthday this year, and I can't think of a better present to the special gal in your life than a donation in her name to one of these awesome places:

Trio Animal Foundation in Chicago, Illinois. 

Wright Way Rescue in Niles, Illinois.

A Place To Bark in Tennessee.

And now... the Giveaway!!!

Of course, jewelry is a great gift, too! Which is why B3 and I have teamed up for this giveaway.

Leave a comment on this post before May 9th to win a Celtic Visions bracelet kit!

The kit is available in aluminum, copper or brass, with two customizable colors. Also included are the PDF instructions for right or left-handed people.

I'll choose a random winner on May 9th. If you win, I'll send your email to B3, who will get in touch with you about your ring choices. This giveaway is open to US residents only.

Grand Prize!

And once you've entered the giveaway here, go visit the Blue Buddha Blog to enter their grand prize giveaway for one of their chain maille starter packs! You can find links to giveaways on other blogs.

Special thanks to B3 for organizing this blog hop and to all the B3 pet moms who shared their photos/favorite charities with me. And thanks to pet moms everywhere for making your animals feel safe and loved. If your cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs could give you flowers, I know they would.

And of course, thanks to you for reading and participating. Have a sequintastic day! <3


  1. The pets are sweet and the bracelet looks complicated!!

  2. Great post, I am a sap for pets too, I have two of the most adorable fur baby boys. My puppies keep me sane and a sometimes insane world. Thanks Sarah for being such an animal lover.

  3. Let's here it for pet moms! Woo. I have two cats and two horses, one an off-track thoroughbred and a mini. They are all cute in their own ways.

  4. Thank you for choosing to do pet moms! I have two cats, two dogs and a parrot. All except the parrot are rescues. :) They keep me company resting on and under the table when I am working on chainmaille. My parrot even calls me "mom" and I never even taught her that! lol Love the choice of bracelet. :)

  5. The pets are darling and I wish I could have
    cats where I live. I am a sucker for kitties.

    The bracelet does look a little complicated,
    but with Rececca's instructions, anyone can
    learn how to make fantastic chain maille

  6. I'm enjoying the pets vicariously....My allergies prevent me from having actual cats or dogs, so it's either photos or stuffed animals for me!

    Fortunately, working on chain maille does not cause my allergies to act up!!

  7. I have two black lab puppies and I miss my yellow lab, Princess, who passed away in Jan. I love all the pet mom pix! It always brings a smile to my face to see the bond between pets and their adoptive families :D

  8. Being a new pet Mom of a whole three weeks...thank you for letting us have a little piece of Mother's Day also. new baby is Sammy a 2 1/2 year old wheaten Scottish Terrier who makes my heart sing.

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  10. Our daughter has told us she's not interested in having kids but she is interested in having at least one dog. We look forward to meeting our "grand dog" some day - as long as we don't have to housebreak it!

  11. My two cats give me so much pleasure. They both love to help me when I break out the beads. Mostly, they like to lay on the soft bead mat and steal my bead tubes. Once, I was cleaning under the kitchen stove and recovered a tube of beads along with the usual cat toys.

  12. Love your post on pet moms. Pet moms don't get much attention. I love that you've teamed up with B3 on this.

  13. Hurray for pet-parents! I'm a cat person, but love all animals :)
    Right now I am pet-less, but I do receive visits each night from the local gecko family...they like to sit on the window screen and watch me make dinner!

  14. Love being a dog mom. Though sometimes I'm not sure who the mom is. My Norfolk terrier can be so bossy! And she teaches me more than I think I teach her!

  15. Thanks for including me and my kids and Trio Animal Foundation!

  16. I like the pics of the pets.

  17. I would love to win this. I lost my sweet Blue Heeler, Cheyenne in December. My neighbor shot her. Guess he didn't like dogs. But I still have a cat worthy of his name, Garfield.

  18. I have a sweet (and slightly annoying at times!) rescue kitty and we hope to get a dog soon.
    I would love to win this kit. I haven't done any chain maille in AGES and would like to get back to it!

  19. Thanks for the opportunity. Would love to win this one. My dog, Tessa loves to lay in my lap when I'm making jewelry. Thank goodness she's a Chihuahua!!!

  20. I love having a pet but right now my lifestyle doesn't allow for that. So I just settle for making stuffed animals. Love that bracelet.


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