Saturday, March 2, 2013

Prepare for a book fair!

Welcome to another Saturday at Saturday Sequins!

Even though it was a last minute project, I had a lot of fun organizing the Shop In Your Pajamas online craft fair last December, and I was thrilled that so many talented artists participated. This gave me the idea for a book fair, specifically a self-published book fair, where indie authors can share their tutorials, books, and e-books. 

I originally intended to hold the book fair in January, but I decided to wait until Kate McKinnon's latest book, Contemporary Geometric Beadwork, was ready. It's ready now, and if I'm not mistaken, she'll be shipping the pre-ordered copies soon. So I've decided that the book fair will take place on:

Saturday, March 23

Calling all authors!

And so I'm putting out a request to all of you. If you create and sell books, e-books, and tutorials, whether it's through your own site or a site like Etsy or Amazon, I'd love to include you! All you need to do is contact me with your name, email, and the link to your work.

And if you can commit to posting a list of participants on your own blog on the day of the fair? And maybe writing a paragraph or two about your book for prospective readers? That would be great! But I'm making this part optional.

What I'm looking for

I'm mostly interested in jewelry making books and tutorials. However! I'm also open to...

  • Other independent artsy/crafty books.

  • Books on creativity, business, and personal development.

  • Books that are fun and just too fantastic not to include. This includes, but isn't limited to, fictional stories about aliens, unicorns, and zombies. Do I have anyone specific in mind? Why, I just might! Wink, wink.

  • Books that are not about religion, politics, or the Great Pumpkin. Sorry, but pumpkins are out of my comfort zone. Unless, of course, they're in a pie.

Even if you're not an author...

Don't have a book or tutorial just yet? You can still join in the fun. You can buy books, of course, but you can also help spread the word. Email your friends, tweet all about it, and if you're up for it, post about it on your blog/website. 

Let's make this book fair an Epic Indie Book Fair Of Awesome!

And now it's time for me to go to sleep. For about two hours before I have to get up again. Yay, she said sarcastically! Thanks for reading and commenting, thanks for sharing this post, and above all, have a sequintastic day!


  1. Hi Sarah
    I would like to join in on this but let me see how I do after surgery next week. I will email you.
    Great idea too.

  2. Great idea...I've passed it on to some people I know who have e-books.

  3. Awesome idea, Sarah! I'm really looking forward to it. :)


  4. Love the idea and would love to participate. thank you for inviting!


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