Saturday, November 24, 2012

Shop In Your Pajamas!

Shop In Your Pajamas!!!

Welcome to another Saturday at Saturday Sequins!

Today is a very special day. Why is that, you ask? Because it's the day of my very first craft fair! One you can attend in your pajamas and fuzzy slippers, if you want to.

So get comfy, grab a snack -- like maybe a slice of pumpkin pie -- and have a look at all the wonderful shops I'm featuring, many of whom are offering discounts and other promotions. Click on a vendor's name to visit the shop, buy your favorite things or bookmark them for later, and most of all, have fun!

(Also, share this post with everyone you know. Let's support some small businesses!)

Happy shopping!

Holiday Ornaments





Other Wearable Art

Pam Kellogg:

Other Awesome Art


Organization Made Fun

Books and Tutorials


(Edit: Tela also released her book yesterday!!)

Kits and Supplies


So there we have it! My first, but certainly not last, Shop In Your Pajamas online craft fair. I didn't have as much time to prepare for it as I did the blog hop, because it was a sudden idea, but I still think it turned out great. I hope you had fun and found the perfect presents for the people you love, and for yourself. I know I will, on both counts!

Thanks to the participants/vendors for letting me use their images and link to their shops. And thank you, my awesome readers, for showing up to support us all today, and for (broken record time!) sharing this post with everyone you know.

And of course, have a sequintastic day! <3


  1. Sarah.. you are so clever!! this is a great idea.

  2. This is a great idea, Sarah! I think it's really well organized. Thanks for doing it.

  3. WOO HOO! great post!
    I'm going shopping
    Thanks you for including me.
    I blogged all about it
    m.e. :)

  4. Thanks, Sarah!! This is great. I appreciate you including me.

  5. I shared on FB and Twitter and blogged as well! :)

  6. Thank you Sarah, what a great idea. Thanks for showing my stuff. Genius as ever!

  7. Yay! I'm so excited to see your sparklies in your shop!!!! :)

  8. Thanks so much...this is just great!

  9. Thanks so much for including me :) I've blogged about it and shared on FB and Twitter! Happy Shopping everyone :)

  10. This is soooooo cool! I have favorited a bunch of stuff and have my eye on an awesome scarf for my granddaughter. :)It's been fun checking out everyone's shops.

    Thank you so much for including me!

    Congrats on having such a great fair on short notice. I look forward to the next one. :)

  11. Awesome idea Sarah! Thank you so much for including me!!

  12. Uh Oh .... I have just pent the last hour persuing all the lovely goodies and re-discovering some fabulous sellers on Etsy, thank you for a wonderful blog post!

  13. Ooh, What a great post! I definitely have to check this out! Thanks for sharing Sarah!

    And thanks for including me!

    Now I need to go shopping.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  14. Hi !

    My first time visiting your Blog ... what fun! Your idea to hold an "in pajama" Craft Show was fabulous! Thank you for all the wonderful Etsy Shops and their Artists!

  15. Nice to see the sequins continues! Thanks so much for your big "yay" on my wedding! Maybe now I can catch up on my blog reads:) Hope you are doing well!


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