Saturday, November 10, 2012

Featured Artist: Sweethearts and Roses

Welcome to another Saturday at Saturday Sequins!

You'll be happy to know that last weekend's adventure was awesome, awesome, awesome. I plan to tell you all about it next week, in as much detail as I can -- because it was one of the coolest things I've done. Maybe... ever.

Today, however, I want to introduce you to Carol of Sweethearts and Roses, one of my new favorite Etsy shops. I found her through Pinterest -- thanks again to Maneki for the sequinspiration -- and discovered that she makes a lot of pretty things out of felt and sequins.

(Pink sequin heart pendant. Audrey, are you drooling yet?)

I asked Carol if there was anything in particular that she wanted me to include about her shop, and she put it so well, I'm going to quote her:

"For me it's all about the combinations of colours and trying to make small useful things. Large expanses of embroidery are time consuming and unlikely to be affordable by the average person who just wants an every day item to look a bit special."

(Sequin Strawberry Keychain. Absolutely adorable.)

(Card case. It's a little tree!)

(Sequin ornament. I love the colors here.)

 Carol also makes non-sequiny things, which are just as cute as the sequiny ones. Here are some of her favorites:

 (Embroidered pincushion and needle case. Must-haves for embroiderers!)

(Embroidered heart pin. Look at those delicate little flowers!)

If you'd like to see more of Carol's work, visit her Etsy shop. You won't be disappointed! Honestly, there were so many pieces I liked, it was hard to choose just a few to share with you here.

Thank you so much, Carol, for letting me feature you! And to all of my blog friends, thanks so much for reading and showering Carol with compliments (how's that for a subtle hint?). And as always, have a sequintastic day!

PS: Did you see the guest post I did on Audrey's blog? If you've ever wanted to make flamingo soup, this is the recipe for you!


  1. Wow all of those pieces are so pretty.

  2. WANT! No, NEED!!!! That heart pendant is fierce!

  3. Carol's creations are beautiful!! Thanks for introducing us to her.

  4. Great items. Thanks for featuring her work.

  5. I stumbled over her work quite by accident; sometimes it pays off to just randomly google away, doesn't it? Her work is just so pretty and beautiful!


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