Friday, October 19, 2012

Revenge of the Rainy Day Links!

Rainy Day Links are back! I have a fairly eclectic mix for you to check out -- everything from business to baking.

If you can't get around to all of them, that's OK! Just start with the ones that look the most interesting and work your way from there. That's how I tend to handle long list posts, so I won't pout if you do the same thing.

Eye Candy

From The Lone Beader... a necklace of tiny beaded poodles!!! So cute.

From Arbumillia Floriferous... a gorgeous red flower necklace. Definitely drool-worthy!


I can't say enough about Expert Enough! If you're interested in becoming an expert in an area, or you're interested in expertise and learning, in general, make time to browse this site. Starting with this article on how to fail successfully.


From Tela Formosa... a look at how much labor really goes into a piece.

From Megan's Beaded Creations... on pricing for labor-intensive pieces. 

New: Vanessa Walilko adds to the pricing discussion!

From Think Traffic... getting your finances in order before you take the big leap with your business. I usually post things because they inspire me, but I'm posting this one because it scares me.

From ThinkTraffic... what Lady Gaga can teach us about spreading influence. How can you not love a woman who says she's changing the world one sequin at a time?

From Handmade Success... one of my favorite posts ever, ever, ever -- this post asserts that we don't need to use all social media sites all the time and helps us figure out which ones we should use. 



From Copyblogger... how to be interesting. This is one of my favorite posts on blogging advice.

Food for Thought

Gala Darling explores the pursuit of happiness and concludes that it needs to be paired with purpose. I couldn't agree more!

From Skool of Life... Guest poster Natalie Sisson talks about breaking the rules in business and in life.

Just Plain Food!

My favorite cookie ever is the Samoa. Here's a recipe from Once Upon a Plate!

And if you don't want to make individual cookies... here they are in bar form!


From Dumb Little Man... seven ways to beat procrastination! The one that works the best for me is the second one -- I've used the old I'll just open the document trick on myself for years, and it never fails!

On Marie Forleo's site... an awesome interview with Brendon Burchard on how to stay enthusiastic about your life, your work, and your goals.

Also from Dumb Little Man... six tips for improving your to-do list!


From Craftiness Is Not Optional... ways to make simple Barbie clothes. As my collection of rescued dolls continues to grow, thanks to my local creative reuse store, I realize that I need to justify my obsession by making the girls some lovely sequined party dresses. And jewelry, of course.

I hope you've enjoyed this edition of Rainy Day Links! If you have any links to share, I'd love to see them, and if you have a funny movie-related title for Rainy Day Link, I'd love to hear it! Some titles I've been toying with are I Was A Teenage Rainy Day Link, Back To The Rainy Day Links, and Water for Rainy Day Links.

Also, tomorrow I talk about one of my favorite charities! Stay tuned for spooky, but cute, photos of some critters near and dear to my heart. And of course, have a sequintastic day!


  1. You always have such an eclectic mix of the new header and those star and moon sequins. xox

  2. Thank you for an interesting post, Sarah!


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