Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bats on my blog!

Welcome to a very special Saturday at Saturday Sequins!

At this point, it's pretty clear that I love Halloween. The candy. The costumes. The scary stories. The pumpkins, skulls, and witches... and of course, the bats.

 (Who could resist this cute little face???)

What you probably don't know, though, is that I love bats for more than just their association with my favorite holiday. Not only are they super cute, and not only do they do an essential job in the world by eating pesky insects and dispersing seeds/pollinating plants, but bats and I? Well, we have a personal history.

Sarah and the Bats

When I was young, my house was kind of a summer home for bats, whether they were invited or not. I had plenty of close encounters with them, including the time I found one hanging from a magnet on the fridge, the time one of them swooped down on me when I was (seriously!!!) watching a spooky movie about bats, and the time I found one hanging off of our exercise machine, and my first thought was... at least someone's using it. 

I did my very first bat rescue during one of those summers, when a bat who had fallen asleep hanging from the towel rack slipped and fell into a sink full of soapy water. I gently picked him up and dried him off, and then I brought him outside. To his credit, he never tried to bite me.

I continued to save bats by forbidding my folks to call an exterminator and insisting that any bat found in our house be released, safe and sound, outside. Never underestimate the power of a small girl and her Pouty Face.

Bat World

 Needless to say, I developed a soft spot for these little guys. I read books and watched videos about them, and for a short time, I dreamed of working with Merlin Tuttle. This is why I was so, so happy to discover Bat World, a place devoted to rescuing and caring for bats of all types. 

(Including fruit bats! One of my favorite kinds of bat.)

Bat World rescues bats from the illegal pet trade and takes in bats from research facilities and zoos that have closed down. They rehabilitate many bats every year, and any bat who isn't well enough to be released into the wild gets a permanent, comfy home. Bat world is also a leader in bat care and education.

(Insert high-pitched squealing here. So cute!!!)

Help Us Help Bats!

I realize it's a little off topic, talking about bat conservation on a sequin blog, but it's a cause that's near and dear to my heart. This October, I'm going to make a donation to Bat World, and I'd be so, so happy if you'd do the same!

One of the best ways you can support Bat World and all the amazing things they do is by sponsoring a bat. There are several to pick from, and each one has his or her own story and charming little personality. 

(Like this guy. What a face!)

You can also buy Bat World merchandise, including t-shirts, key chains, or your very own bat house -- that way, bats will stay outside and away from your towel racks and elliptical machines.

And if you're strapped for cash, you can help by spreading the word about Bat World. Mention them on your favorite social networking sites. Buy books on bats for the kids in your life to give them an early start on bat appreciation. Make your own bat house. 

And if you're scared of bats, give them another chance. Learn as much as you can about them and realize that a lot of what people think they know about bats is misinformation.

I hope you've enjoyed today's bat-tastic post! Special thanks to Amanda of Bat World for the use of the photos, and for everything she and Bat World do.

And of course, special thanks to you for reading, commenting, and doing your part to help bats.

Have a sequintastic day!

 (PS: Look! I found a way to tie this post to sequins. Here's a sequined bat necklace I'm working on.)


  1. Have a bat tastic Saturday. I think they are cute too and I love to watch them swoop about over the pond at dusk happily eating mosquitos here in summer. Lovin your bat sequin necklace! xox

  2. Great post!
    Why is it humans would rather keep the mosquito population in check with toxic spays,rather than let the bats do the job?
    Bats get a back rap,they are good guys.
    Every year I make a few bat fairy pendants in their honor.
    Hope everyone will ck out your Excellent links !
    m.e. :)

  3. Great post! I'm a bat fan, too. Years ago I was at a conference protesting nuclear energy. There were women there from all over the world. As we sat in a circle outside, in the middle of the desert, a little brown bat came swooping in. It rested by each woman, sometimes on the ground or a shoulder, even someone's hand. It was a really beautiful, special moment and felt like a blessing for what we were trying to accomplish.

  4. Leslie, the bat fan!October 20, 2012 at 10:53 AM

    Thanks for spreading the word on bats! I've always felt so sorry for the little guys -- they have a terrible reputation, but all they do is GOOD! To anyone looking at this, go to You'll be amazed!

  5. Bats would swoop above us when we played on our street on long Summer evenings when I was young. They were headed to the river from the town church belfry (really). I have always been fascinated and charmed by these creatures. So glad others find them adorable too. Can't wait to see the completed bat necklace.

  6. I love bats too! Not as much as cats and dragons, but still in the top three. Cute and fascinating creatures! They're so much part of my summer memories as we've almost always had bats in the barn and they'd fly around the farm during warm summer nights. Bats at night and swallows during the day -- both animals that've been threatened by modern farming.

    In China bats are symbols of good fortune, joy, wealth, longevity etc and therefore you can also find really cute bat beads made in China. Like this one:

    Looking forward to seeing the finished sequin bat!

  7. Finally--a group of fellow bat lovers!! I adore bats--the media gives them such a bad rap. Thank you for sharing all the batty links--can't wait to visit bat world and choose one to sponsor!
    You will show us bat necklace when it's finished, right?

  8. Great post Sarah, bats are the good guys. We need to respect them and help them as much as we can. I love your stories, too funny. Looking forward to seeing your necklace!

  9. How adorable!! What an interesting and timely topic, too. :) I confess, I love bats, too. I love the twilight time when you can catch the little guys competing with the swallows for airtime and bugs. I love to see them flying from tree to tree, barely visible they are so fast. It is comforting for me (yes, I am strange) to know that they are there and eating up the baddies that plague us. And yes, I too, think they are adorable. I never really found them scary. I wonder where that came from. Think I'll go find out...

    BTW- The Pouty Face was such an image. LOL!


  10. I'm not a fan of the real bats, but the sequin one looks like it's coming along cute! Love the new header on the blog as well :)


  11. I like bats too. We had a bat house on the back of the garage which would occasionally get a small resident or two but now we rarely see any bats around the garden at night.

  12. I also have a soft spot for bats! My parents old farmhouse had bats living in the attic the beams in the roof were amazing untrimmed tree limbs and tree trunks, so I think they felt right at home, they sometimes got into the bedroom I shared with my sister. It was a magical place to live with many wild animals to learn about, also bats are protected over here. I used to see bats at dusk around the house where I live now buit they have all disappeared over the last few years, as have the butterflies and a lot of birds, certainly a sign that all is not well with our planet.

  13. Bats are awesome animals and not given enough credit for their beneficial role in the ecosystem!! Thank you for speaking out and informing people about them! I too donated to bat world sanctuary a few days ago, thank you for the links and the good words!