Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sequintastic September Reveal!

Welcome to another Saturday at Saturday Sequins!

Today is a very special and exciting Saturday. It's the day of the Sequintastic September blog hop!

My challenge to the participants was to create an original work of art featuring sequins and write a blog post with photos of what they made. If they were so inclined, they could also write about what it's like to work with sequins and what sequins mean to them. And of course, I participated, too.

My Projects

Is it weird that I started the month off with a little performance anxiety? Because I did. I had a couple of project ideas in mind, but I kept skipping from one to the other, looking for something just right for the blog hop.

And then I found it!

I'd never finished the sequin heart I used for our Sequintastic button, and I realized that now was the perfect time. I added the beaded edging, connected the big heart to two smaller ones I made, added a simple necklace strand... and voila! 

This was my first time using more than one bead-embroidered component in a piece, and it's something I want to do again. It opens up a whole world of design possibilities!

I was going to work on a huge, elaborate collar for my second project, but two things happened. One, I got sick! And two, the very day I started feeling better, I also felt the need to work with cabochons again.

Here's my second project:

I captured the stone with a peyote bezel and embellished it with seed beads and sequins in shades of green and brown. Usually I'm about color, color, and more color, as bright as I can get it, but working with the neutral, natural-looking colors was soothing. And fun! After I finished this one, I made a couple more -- which I won't reveal right now, because I don't want to overwhelm you.

Sarah Loves Sequins

You just have to look at the title of this blog to know what sequins mean to me. I really do believe that they're not just something we wear -- they're a way of life. An attitude. Of course, it doesn't hurt that they're really, really sparkly. 

I love working with them because they're so versatile. I've strung them, I've added them to chain, I've sewn them, and I've even added them to traditional metal work. Just when I think I've seen or done it all, I find something incredible that someone else has made, and my imagination goes into overdrive. 

Sequins are a lot of fun to handle and work with. My only complaint would be that when they get loose, they turn up in weird places... like on my forehead or in Mr. Sequin's hair. Or in the fridge. Other than that, we have a great relationship, and they're a perfect fit for me, physically and emotionally. They're just the right fit for my hilariously small hands, my microscope vision, and my tendency to chase after anything that sparkles.

Participants! You're Awesome.

So that's my take on the challenge. Now it's time to visit my sequintastic friends!

If you go to someone's blog and find no Sequintastic post, don't despair! September has been an eventful month for a lot of us, to say the least, and I'm letting some people post their projects later. So bookmark the page and come back in a day or so!

Thanks for visiting and commenting on all the wonderful blogs I've listed today. And participants, thank you so, so much for signing up! It means so much to me that you've joined in and turned my blog hop into our blog hop -- it's sappy, but it's true! I might just do another hop in April, and I hope you'll join me for that one, too. 

Have a sequintastic day and a wonderful blog hop!


  1. Well Sarah, I've never thought of sequin that way before. Your love for it shows in ALL projects and these both are exceptional! I had so much fun with this challenge and THANK YOU so much for hosting! When is the next one? lol

  2. Wow Sarah, I love the triple hearts and their multicolor wonderfulness and the second piece is so tribal with it's color and layering complexity. Can't wait to check out everyone's post today. xox

  3. I love your hearts necklace. I think it's so cool that the heart from the button became you're first necklace for the hop. It's beautiful! The cab is beautiful too and it shows that you don't need to use a lot of sequins in a design. Thanks for thinking up and hosting this hop, Sarah! It was great!

  4. Thank you for hosting this blog hop, Sarah. Your hearts are great, I cannot take my eyes off them. You are the sequins' queen!


  5. Beautiful work Sarah! And I love Eleanor Pigmans squid too! I will try and get to all the blogs. I am sure it will take me a while. Congratulations on a wonderful and interesting blog hop. Sequins are highly under rated!

  6. Wonderful! Love the triple heart necklace, with all of its color. It looks like an ode to how much you love sequins. :) And the cab - yummy! Great choice of colors!

    Love that you had this sequin blog hop. Next time, I'm in!

  7. The triple heart necklace soooo satisfies my need for shiny! And the cabochon shows me just how versatile sequins are, just like Karen's Snow Queen. Thank you so much for this hop, and I'm looking forward to the next one, so I can use some of these great ideas. :)

  8. That heart got me into this thing, so to see it all slicked up and fancy, with two friends along for the ride made me super happy! I love the sequinned cab as well, so refined yet subtly fabulous! Thanks for your fun blog hop, and for getting me to remember how much fun sequins can be.

  9. Sarah absolutely beautiful work! The hearts are sequintastic :) and the cabochon is boho gorgeous. I have a newfound respect for how much work goes into your projects! Thank you for hosting this hop, and for letting me indulge in a little fun with my post :O ... Sounds like I have a few takers on my items ... who knew? Have a great day hopping around and enjoying all the sequin designs

  10. Sarah,

    Thanks for hosting this Hop! It was a great challenge. And I love seeing what you came up with!

    The hearts are so fun - so very many different types and colors of sequins and they all work together in such harmony. And your pendant is simply gorgeous - so interesting how you combined the seed bead embroidery with the sequin embroidery.

    YOU ROCK! :)

  11. I love the necklace with the hearts. Those sequins are lovely. It"s like entering a lovely garden, full of love.

  12. Love the heart and the way you attached it and the wonderful cab treatment!! Thanks for sponsoring this "HOP"

  13. Sarah, You really make me want to learn to embroider with sequins. You first necklace is a lot of fun, but that second one is really super. I had to search for a minute to find the sequins, they blended in so well with the beads and stone. Wonderful job. I too am now finding sequins ALL OVER my house. I had no idea they were that similar to glitter. I'm glad it's not just a problem in my house. ;)

  14. Sarah, this was so fun. Thanks so much first of all for organizing it, and secondly for being such a great inspiration. I love the pieces you made, especially the big triple-heart necklace. Just amazing!

  15. Thanks for having such a wonderful blog hop! Though not a participant, I am having a blast touring the blogs to see the amazing versatility of sequins. The pendants you made are extraordinary ;)

  16. Beautiful creations! The hearts are so pretty and I love the mix of sequin shapes in them. Really like the autumnal pendant too. Very nice blend of beads and sequins. Together they show two different and equally inspiring ways of using sequins.

    Thanks for doing this blog hop and inspiring me to work more with sequins!

    By the way, have you seen this necklace project I just found on Pinterest?

  17. Ooohhhh you are so talented. These two pieces are perfect.
    I am off to see what other's have created

  18. Your heart trio necklace is perfect--just lovely!
    Thank you for sharing and for hosting the Sequintastic blog hop :) There are so many beautiful items!

  19. Wow these are just gorgeous, I love the heart trio especially!

  20. What a success! Beautiful work, and sparkly as always! I like the contrast of the upside down hearts. Very fun. Hope everything is going beautifully for you lately, I have been so out of the loop... ;)

    Happy weekend!

  21. Love that you continued to create our blog hop button into a sequintastic triple heart focal! It's beautiful, and voila! simply ingenious. I would never had thought to add sequins to my peyote stitch, and your bezel is superb! Brilliant, beautiful jewelry, Sarah.

    Thank you for hosting this unique and fun challenge -- I loved learning and creating in new ways. I hope you have another Sequintastic challenge for us again soon. I'll be there, with bells and sequins on!


  22. Aaaah, they are gorgeous! The hearts are a terrific symbol of how you've shared your sequin love with everyone, and I am blown away (and making note for future inspiration) by the way you used them with the cabochon. One of these days I want to hear the story about the sequin in the fridge...

  23. I love what you did with the sequins.. I finally got my blog up and I hope I did okay.. I really love that first necklace :) thanks for the wonderful challenge.. I had a blast.

  24. Love your piece, gorgeous as everything you do. Thank you so much for hosting this hop, it was fun, educational, I blogged with new people and was introduced to many new art forms. Great great job Sarah. I look forward to the hop in April! You are the absolute best!

  25. I love the hearts! Thank you for a great hop!!

  26. Thanks for a lovely blog hop. It has been an interesting challenge for me, and really inspiring to see what everyone else has made.

    Your hearts necklace is like a glorious garden, and I really like the asymmetry of the second project - it captures the natural stone beautifully.

  27. Sarah
    Thanks for the "hop"... I enjoyed seeing artist that had never used sequins before really go for it!!
    Thanks again

  28. Great hop! I really enjoyed seeing all the different ways people used sequins. I must say, you guys have changed the way I think about sequins!

  29. Dear Mrs. Sequin, please accept my apologies for being dastardly late to our party. I do have a good excuse, but I sure cake & frosting don't count. I must say I am delighted to have had the opportunity to design with so many wonderful artisans. Sequins were a fun element to add that extra sparkle.

    I am just now beginning my blog hopping as I've finally come down from my birthday cake buzz. I cannot wait to see all the sequintastic pieces!

    Thanks for all you did to organize this Sarah! It was a blast!

  30. Your piece is realy beautiful.. Sequins are a piece of you, I can see that :)
    I love the variety of sequins you used and the speciale shape of the necklace!
    I realy loved this blog hop, it was a real challenge to me!


  31. You have so inspired me Sarah!! When you do this again, I hope I find out beforehand!! Your work is stunning!!


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