Friday, September 14, 2012

Sequinspiration... and the halfway point!

Welcome to another Saturday at Saturday Sequins!

Things are busy at Casa de Sequin. In the middle of trying to get my Sequintastic September projects done, I decided that I just had to finish another project -- one that I started months ago but had to stop working on because... *gasp.* I ran out of black sequins!

My recent order from Cartwright took care of that problem. Here's the finished collar:

At first glance, you might be thinking... where are the sequins? Well, they're underneath the crystals and seed beads in what I like to call a platform stitch because they're acting as little platforms for the beads to stand on. Or, if you look at it another way, it's like the sequins are wearing little platform heels!

Here's a closeup: you can see them at the very top.

This collar is different from other things I've made. I'm still getting used to it -- it's so heavy! I like the platform effect, but next time, I want to try it with some brighter sequins. I think they'd look fantastic, peeking out from beneath a carpet of beads.

Sequintastic Progress

As for my real Sequintastic September projects, I've hit a snag: I've run out of black seed beads! I need them for two things I'm working on, so I'm going to do an emergency order and hope, hope, hope it gets here in time. I also ran out of Fireline, but luckily, I can run right over to Meijer and pick up some more.

An Experiment...

I'm not sure I'll include it as an official Sequintastic project, but I also started something else -- because I'm me, and I'm always starting something else. This week, for the first time in a long time, I started painting. Now that the painting part is done, I'm sewing sequins to it.

And it's so much fun! Because the canvas is stretched on a wooden frame, it's nice and tight and much better than using an embroidery hoop. The fabric is thick, but easy to get a needle through, even with paint on it.

The one challenge is that it's a fairly big canvas, and I'm a fairly small sequin scientist, so it's hard to reach to the back and grab the needle. That's why I rotate the canvas a lot as I work. I also prop it up between the couch and the table, which helps to keep it stable.

So that's how things are going for me. What I'm really interested in is how things are going for you! How's your project coming along? Are there any snags you're running into? If so, I'd love to help if I can -- and if it's a big problem, you can email me, and we can discuss it in more detail.

Thanks for reading, and have a sequintastic day! <3


  1. That is really lovely. You do have a way with beads! I could never finish what I started with beads. I don't have the patience.

    I remember I once tried to make a rope! LOL. I got to about 2 inches...............

  2. Wow that is a pretty elaborate collar, have to wear the chic black dress with this one - just gorgeous. xox

  3. SuperSequinySplendorous design!
    Perfect for all those upcoming holiday festivities
    It is just crying out to be worn on New Year's eve !
    m.e. :)

  4. Love the necklace! That stacked stitch is so handy - love the effect it makes.

    I've been wanting to do beadwork on canvas, also. I have two packs of canvas from Michaels in my room that I almost tripped over this morning. :) Can't wait to see pictures of your painting. I'm living vicariously through your adventure - too busy right now to try something new. :(

  5. Oh! Oh! Oh! That necklace/collar is stunning! And just in time for all the upcoming holiday parties...they're just around the corner.

  6. Your collar is great and can't wait to see your new project!!

  7. Oh Sarah your collar is gorgeous! I like the matte black sequins under all the bright seeds and crystals, but it would also look just as good with shinny sequins. I have all my supplies gathered to start my piece for your challenge and hopefully I will get it started this weekend still finishing up on another project due tomorrow.

  8. Stunning! Just discovered your blog. What fun and how creative you are! Each post made me smile. Love it.

  9. This is gorgeous!! I love how much attention you give to the little details :)


  10. Oh, that is beautiful!! I have been looking at the gorgeous sequins that I won on your blog for over a week now, and I STILL haven't started my piece. Ok, granted, I have been working on other things, but I NEED TO GET MY REAR IN GEAR if I have any chance of making the "deadline". :-(

  11. WOW you are amazing with sequins and with beads! that is a stunning piece that absolutely needs to stand alone with some perfect little black dress (and platform heels :)

    I have been pacing myself with my 2 items I'm making. It is the first time ever using sequins for me, and they are slippery little guys! I've ripped out both projects more then once. That's ok ... nearly finished at this point. You've stretched my comfort zone on this one - ha!

  12. Wow! That is quite the collar! It definitely has presence. :)

    Such fun! I've been mostly focusing on trying to finish up some other deadline projects, but I have managed a little design experimentation with sequins, and have done some drawings - so I have a good idea where I'm going with my sequin piece, I think. She says, mumbling to herself under her breath, I think I do, I think I do. :0

  13. Love the collar and the description is perfect. I can't wait for reveal day, I'm not quite done my project but am busily sequinning away. I hope you post your painting when done, I think it sounds awesome.

  14. Cool collar in a cool technique! That stitch would be perfect for when one don't have a pretty foundation to bead on and still want it to show between the beads.

    Looking forward to seeing you canvas project soon!

    As for my own progress... With all that's happened with our kittens this summer and autumn, some of my creative energy has gone and it's been hard to start a project. I "accidentally" picked up some scrapbook papers, distress markers, yarn and metallic embroidery floss today -- maybe that'll give some new ideas. Especially the floss as it matches some of my sequins. Could make a shiny, glittering piece of embroidery or jewellery.

    Started with a bracelet some time ago -- just to realise that the big sequins might not lie flat when worn... d'oh! Will probably finish it and just call it a small embroidery or bookmark or something if it doesn't look good as a bracelet. ;) And I want to do another embroidery too if I can find a good scrap of fabric somewhere. I really need to visit a fabric shop one of these days...

  15. By the way have you seen these two?

    As another participant in the TAST challenges, I too was inspired to work pistil stitch on sequins, but in another way. Hopefully it'll look good too...

  16. Wauw this is my favorite, really stunning!


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