Saturday, September 8, 2012

More Sequinspiration!

Welcome to another Saturday at Saturday Sequins!

If you haven't received a reminder email from me about the Sequintastic September blog hop, don't worry -- I didn't put the email list together this week because I was feeling a wee bit under the weather. But I'm much better now, so expect that email very soon.

And now... Sequinspiration!
The first three links were brought to my attention by Maneki, who's being a super awesome Sequintastic participant and finding lots of cool things for me to drool over.

  • She wrote a great post about sequin waste, or punchinella -- the material that's left over once sequins are made.
  • She shared one of Karen Torrisi's tambour pieces on Pinterest, which led me to Karen's website. Check out the gallery section!
Thank you, Maneki! You've made me a happy sequin scientist.

  • Because no post on sequins would be complete without some eye candy, here's another sequin collar I made:

Just like the Fall collar, it has a ribbon that I can switch out for any color. What I like most about this one (besides the sparkle) is the netting! It takes the piece from simple to dramatic.

  • And because no post on sequins would be complete without more eye candy, here's a little something I whipped up this week:
LinkThis is a pendant I made. It's my first attempt at embroidering around a large bead instead of a cabochon, and I like how it turned out. I love the sequin accents and the bead weaving across the bead. I may have to do more of these.

  • This post by Pearl of the Beading Gem's Journal is a collection of soutache tutorials. If you look at the very first image, you'll see that sequins and soutache go together beautifully!
  • I've collected a few new pins on the Sequintastic Pinterest board. Including a sequin seahorse!
  • Have you seen what Mary Ellen, my partner for the Bead Soup Blog Party, made with the beads and sequins I sent? I'm so impressed!
  • And finally... here's the Norbert Necklace again because everyone loves Norbert!

If you've found any sequinspiration, I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, and have a sequintastic day!


  1. Sorry to hear you have not been feeling well. Hope you are better now.
    Love each and every piece here. I know you are using my NBB LOL
    Have a great Saturday

  2. I hope you're feeling much better...I know I am after seeing all this beautiful eye candy!

  3. Well you certainly inspire with your work. I hope you are on the mend and will be right as rain soon. Eye candy and more. xox

  4. Beautiful jewellery! Love the colours in the collar and the cute scalloped edge in the pendant.

    And thanks for the mention! Glad to hear you liked my punchinella post and the tips. I like Crosman Moore's jewellery and bead a lot and when first seeing her sequin memory wire bracelets with strung sequins, it really helped me seeing sequins in a whole new way (and literally from a new angle as you only see the edges of the sequins in those bracelets).


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