Saturday, July 7, 2012

Giveaway: Nicole's BeadBacking!

Welcome to another Saturday at Saturday Sequins!

In this post, I reviewed Nicole's BeadBacking. Nicole generously sent me two packages in the mail, and while I'd love to keep both of them for myself, I'd also like to give someone else a chance to try this amazing product.

I'm giving away the sample pack. There are 14 colors of NBB in it, including black, white, tan, red... and bright pink, which is my very favorite. If you do bead embroidery, or if you'd like to try bead embroidery, you'll want to enter this giveaway!


  • The giveaway is open to residents of the US and Canada.
  • To enter, leave a comment along with your email address. One comment gets you one entry and one chance to win.
  • If you've never used Nicole's BeadBacking before, let me know! This will earn you an extra four entries.
  • You have from now through Friday to enter.
  • The winner will be chosen at random out of Mr. Sequin's top hat.
  • If you win, I'll contact you by email.
  • If you don't respond within two days, I'll have to pick another winner.

Wait... what? That's not all?

Want to further increase your chances of winning? Well, Nicole and I had a chat, and she has decided to do a giveaway on her blog, too! Isn't she the best?

Edit: Look! Lori Anderson is also doing a giveaway with not one, but five different prizes! You can win a tote bag, one of two different books, or one of two different bead soups. Yay!!

If you're not a bead embroiderer... just yet.

What if you've never done bead embroidery before, but you want to give it a try? Well, you're in luck! My list of Bead Embroidery Resources, which I continue to update as I find new information, has everything you need to know -- and more -- about the technique.

(Nicole has also written a book on the subject. Hey, you can place your order for NBB and the book at the same time! How's that for convenient?)

If you're not interested

Some of my sequintastic readers are not beaders or jewelry makers. I think you're missing out (of course, I'm a little biased) but I still love you and want you to get something out of this post. If you're looking for something else to read and comment on, I suggest...

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Adventures in Freeform!
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More Rainy Day Links! Learn how to make your own mannequin jewelry display. See an awesome project involving sequins and resin. Discover one of my favorite musicians... and more!

That concludes today's post! Stay tuned for my latest beading projects, the lowdown on one of my top secret projects, and a whole lot of other things. Whew! I have more ideas than there are Saturdays.

Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, and as always, have a sequintastic day! <3


  1. I would love to try bead embroidery. I love the look and keep saying I will. This could give me that nudge ;) Thanks!

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I love Nicole's Bead Backing it stays stiff and the needle glides throuh it. It is truly some wonderful stuff!

  3. I've never tried Nicole's Bead Backing, but I've wanted to. I love all the colors which makes it so easy to coordinate with the design. I think it's great that you're having this giveaway, Sarah!

  4. Here's my entry! I've been wanting to try Nicole's wonder since you blogged about it. You'd think in 20 years of bead embroidery, I'd have stepped out on my felt backing at least once, but no. Here's my chance!

    And can I just say - I love how you offer something for everyone on your blog. So welcoming!

  5. I would love to win i have never tried nbb before and would love to. Now off to check out your bead soup!

  6. Nicole sent me over , now I 'll look around. Please enter my name for a chance to win.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Nope, I never have used NBB though everyone gives it a 5 star review. So, I'm here for another chance at a prize!

  8. I agree with the 5 stars and raise you a star, LOL. I just made my first ever embroidered cuff with NBB, and it was a pleasure. So, I would like some more FREE please.

  9. I would love to get a chance to try out NBB. I have never tried it or bead embroidery before though it does look fascinating.


  10. I would absolutely love to try this. I've never used Nicole's Beadbacking, but it looks fantastic.

  11. Although I've been drooling over Nicole's Beadbacking, I haven't had the chance to use it yet -- it would be fun to compare it to Stiff Stuff, and the idea of having a colored background just sounds awesome!

  12. I have done some bead embroidery, but don't know about Bead Backing. I'd love to learn more!

  13. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for being so kind to me on the BSBP post about this giveaway. I am so excited! This is my first BS anything! I am meeting wonderful people and being exposed to wonderful opportunities to be challenged and grow - yay!

    I have never used Nicole's Bead Backing or Lucy's but after reading your review and going to Nicole's blog and her site I am biting at the chomps to try her Bead Backing...

    Happy Crafting!
    - Jami, Celebrating Life!

  14. I have never tried Nicole's backing and would love to. I love bead embroidery and am always looking for the perfect backing, I hope this is it.

  15. I just had to share with my friends and clients so shared on both fb pages and am sharing on my blog too!

  16. I have never used NBB for my bead embroidery. I currently use Stiff Felt. However having heard such wonderful things about it recently I would love to give it a test run! absynith (a) . Thank You!

  17. I would love to try NBB. I have never tried it.

  18. I'm one of Nicole's regular users of NBB, but I'd like to throw my hat in the contest anyway!

  19. Never used it! And Thrilled, because I am So wanting to start my new love affair with bead embroidery. It took me Forever to get my hands on a little piece of Lacy's, which is quite blinding white and pretty uninviting for the colors I wish to play with. I have Heard of NBB, but had no idea where to start to look for it! I will have my fingers crossed for sure to come out of Mr. Sequin's Top Hat... (is it sequined?!). :D Thank you So much in advance!
    Tigre Silvyr (on FB)
    Silvyr at hotmail (dot) com

  20. I would absolutely LOVE the opportunity to win this because I've never embroidered before and would be thrilled to have the chance to try :)

    Thank you both so much!

    TheEclecticElement AT yahoo DOT com

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  22. I would love to try this product - I do bead embroidery but I've never tried Nicole's bead backing. ss10001 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  23. I've done a little bit of bead embroidery, but have never used Nicole's bead backing. Wouldn't mind giving it a go.

  24. I DO use Nicole's (I am using some right now)(well, not RIGHT now-takes two hands, and does commenting) - but need more. Love the creativity on your site - the header is really cute.
    Wishing myself luck - I'm out of all the dark colors from MY sample pack! LOL!
    Sheryl Stephens
    Cool Moon Creations

  25. Hi -

    Found your site through Nicole's. :D

    I LUV her product!

    Thanks for the chance to win some. Off to browse now....hehehehhe

    Candys in Oklahoma

  26. love your header!!
    came by from nicole's!
    i've never used NBB...i'd love to give it a try through the printer!!!!..i had no idea that could be done!!!
    so generous of you!!
    i am a new follower!
    nice to meet you

  27. I am just starting out doing bead embroidery. I have done one piece so far, so I have not used Nicole's BeadBacking. I am very curious about it! I have used *cough cough* the other stuff. I'm willing to try something else since I am a noobie. I read your resource list, wow, was that great! --Diane


  28. I have done some bead embroidery and want to do more.
    I really like that NBB comes in lots of colors.
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway.
    ~cryssT valkyry at comcast dot net

  29. I haven't done bead embroidery, but out Beading Babes group is doing an embroideryvpeoject this time around, so I will be starting soon. I haven't tried Nicole's backing, but I've been wanting to oroder some for this project. Thank you for the chance to win some

  30. Hey there, I've been reading your blog alot lately, but too shy to comment. Now you have given me incentive. Thanks for holding such a generous giveaway. I have dabbled in bead embroidered pendants, but have never used NBB before. Would love to win.


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