Sunday, January 1, 2012

Eye Candy! And reflection.

Welcome to the very first day of 2012! I hope your New Year's Eve was a fantastic one.

Mine was amazing. Mr. Sequin and I spent most of the day in the studio, making art. I can't think of a better way to celebrate the coming of a shiny new year, unless, of course, there are also brownies and ice cream involved -- oh, wait! There were.

I thought I'd do some reflection on 2011. But! I'm going to make things more interesting by adding some eye candy, too. So without further ado... here we go.

To say that 2011 was eventful would be an understatement. There were sad things, like losing my father and grandmother, and having my health scare, and those things have definitely left their mark on me in a lot of ways.

But for all the stress and sadness, there was so much good.

(For instance, I made Purple Widow. All this necklace needs are two little dangles, one on either side, and it's a spider! I love this piece because it's cheerfully dark. Glittery, sparkly, but also spooky. I'll definitely bring it out for Halloween.)

I healed from my shoulder injury with the help of amazing, wonderful, caring people. It was almost worth the pain to have them in my life and to learn all the things I learned from them, which I share in this post, and also this article.

I started writing for the Daily Muse. The article above is the first article I've ever written, and it was cause for much excitement and squealing. And guess what! I just published one about hula hooping.

I became friends with myself. I've come to accept some important things about me and to realize that they're not flaws -- they're part of what makes me wonderful. The first is, I'm not meant for a traditional job. I'm meant to work for myself. The second is, I'm a Scanner. I'm not meant to pick one thing and stick to it forever. In fact, I work best if I find a way to combine all the things I love into one project.

(For instance, this necklace. Yes, that's a beaded painting pendant! And yes, that's weaving in the center. I've got several dozen of these weavy paintings sitting in drawers, just waiting to be made into jewelry, so expect plenty more where this came from.)

I started sharing my jewelry work. Before this year, I'd only ever shared it with friends and family! But because of this blog, flickr, and this awesome jewelry making forum, people all over the world have gotten a peek at the things I do.

(This beaded flower has gotten some very sweet compliments. I love it, too! Both because it's sparkly and colorful, and because it uses two techniques I came up with. I used a round cookie cutter to design the flower shape, and I drew it onto tissue paper to make a pattern.)

I tried new jewelry making techniques. I surprised myself this summer by learning the basics of wire weaving, and this fall by diving into bead embroidery. As someone who is always hungry -- if not starving -- to learn new techniques, this was very important to me.

I went to the Bead and Button Show. You can read about it here.

I applied to teach at the bead show next year, and I also submitted entries for the Bead Dreams contest. I faced rejection on both of these, which was a disappointment, but that disappointment was nothing compared to how proud I was of myself for trying.

I also started this blog! And wrote 50 posts. And most importantly, made some fantastic new friends.

I'm sure there's a lot more, but in the interest of saving my fingers and your eyeballs, I'm going to stop here. Now I'd like to know: What are some of the things you accomplished this year, and what are you looking forward to doing this year?

Here's to 2011 for all it was, and to 2012 for all it will be!

Have a sequintastic New Year!


  1. I'm so glad you've become friends with yourself! You are totally worth being friends with! I'm glad you're my friend, at least! :) I am being very reflective today as well!

  2. Aww, I'm glad you're my friend, too! Thanks. :)


  3. Very insightful post! I'm so glad you do this blog and that we have connected over twitter/blogs! It's so nice to have people who share the same interests.

  4. You've accomplished quite a lot, even in the face of those losses of your family members. As for the rejections -- keep at it, because I have FAR more rejections for things than winners!

    Your work is amazing!

  5. I had no idea that you just started showing your work! You seem so accomplished, I thought you had been doing this for ages!

    Good for you for being so insightful about yourself. It's a hard thing for some people and a rare gift to be open to change AND acceptance. :)

    Here's hoping your new year will be incredible! Looking forward to seeing and hearing more from you.


  6. Thanks, Melissa!

    I'm glad we've become friends. It's true, it's so nice to know people with common interests. I love being able to ramble on about jewelry without worrying about putting everyone to sleep! ;)

  7. Thanks, Lori! I'm pretty proud of the things I've done.

    Sounds like jewelry making is a lot like writing! The rejections far outnumber the acceptances, but when we get noticed, it makes the experience all the more awesome. :)

  8. Aww. Thanks, Tela!

    I sold some of my jewelry in stores when I was a teenager, back when I mostly did basic stringing and wire work, but I haven't done it in ages since then! And I was shy about sharing more complicated work for the longest time.

    I'm glad I'm getting over that! It's helped me meet so many great people, yourself included. :)

  9. Blogging is a great way to showcase ones art, my work had been sleeping in my dresser for couple of years before the world got a sneak peek into it. love the beadwork pendant

  10. It's a nice, relatively safe step in the right direction, isn't it? A blog feels so much more intimate than a craft show.

    I'm glad you started sharing your work!