Thursday, December 1, 2011

Featured Friday: Gerda Aleksandra

Welcome to another Featured Friday at Saturday Sequins! Today we'll take a look at the work of UK-based Gerda Aleksandra.

When I found Gerda's Etsy Shop and saw that she'd combined wire crochet with sequins, I was surprised and impressed. I don't have experience with wire crochet, so I wouldn't have thought of the combination, but as you'll see, it works. Really well, in fact.

Her sequin flower necklace, found here, is so elegant! It's one of those pieces you could wear throughout the year. The delicate flowers are perfect for Spring, but since they're white, they also make me think of snowflakes, making this a stunning Winter necklace.

I could also see this as a bridal necklace, couldn't you?

Then there's her crocheted wire detail statement necklace, available here. It's just gorgeous, and I love the way the sequins look on the wire. It almost looks like they're floating in place.

Gerda is also a talented knitter. Check out her Etsy shop and give her some love! I know I'll continue to go back to see the beautiful things she makes.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a sequintastic day! While you're here, have a look at my previous Featured Friday posts on Rachel and Shana.

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  1. Gerda is indeed talented! I love how she combines crochet with sequins in an unexpected yet beautiful way!

  2. Isn't she great? So creative.

    She makes some great sweaters, too -- I'm in love with the one with the big yellow buttons in her Etsy shop.

  3. Oh my god!! I can not believe i am
    In this lovely blog!! Thank you for choosing me and girls, thanks for liking my work. It means so much to me you can not imagine. But this is my hobbie!!! I love creating new peaces. And i love sequince too!!! it adds a lot to jewelry or even clothing...

  4. Gerda,

    I'm happy to have you on the blog and very glad that it makes you happy -- you're very talented! Thanks so much for being a Featured Friday artist!

  5. That second necklace is SOOO gorgeous. I'm drooling!

  6. Yay!!! That was pretty much the effect it had on me. :)


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