Sunday, November 13, 2011

Share with me Sunday: Artsy/Crafty Blogs!

Hello, everyone! Welcome to another Share With Me Sunday.

One thing I love about blogging is finding other blogs to read. I love meeting artists, seeing their work, and getting to know the people behind the fantastic creations. I currently follow about 70 blogs, and I'm always looking for new ones.

Here are some of my favorites! Listed alphabetically, just because.

Crafting Rebellion is an awesome source of crafty projects and DIY. So many cute things!

Craft. You. Here's a relatively new blog by the wonderful and talented Margot Potter, The Impatient Crafter. No matter how I'm feeling on a particular day, she always seems to have a blog post that cheers me up. It's like she has a direct view into the collection of sequins, wire, ribbon and rhinestones that is my brain.

Margot make all sorts of beautiful things. She's also a writer, and a fabulous one at that.

Jenibellie Studio. I've mentioned Jenny's amazing work before. She inspires me every day with her gorgeous art journals and tutorials and drawings. She even makes paper beads!

My Bead Therapy. Heidi makes these adorable birdhouse pendants. I also love the thought and care she puts into her packaging.

Plays with Needles. Oh my gosh. Susan's work. She does embroidery like I've never seen before! So many sparklies.

Stripes and Sequins. Grace is a girl after my own heart. She features a lot of great DIY projects and inspiration, and she shares my love of sparkly things.

Thanks, I Made It. Erin does some fantastic DIY projects. And look! She loves sequins, too! I'm especially in love with the pink sequin collar she made.

There are so, so many other blogs I read and love. I'll share more of them in another post, of that you can be certain. Now I'd like to hear from you! Are you an artist whose blog I haven't discovered? Do you have a list of artsy/craftsy blogs you'd like to promote? This is the place!

Thanks for sharing, and have a sequintastic Sunday!


  1. Awww thanks so much for the lovely shout out hun :) I'm all a flutter, I'm off to check all your favs now, your lovely descriptions make it hard to resist. I still find new, amazing blogs every single day that I look. I find it a little overwhelming to tell the truth and just how many talented people there are out there, crazy! Thanks for sharing, and again the kind words, much love Jennibellie xx

  2. Grace,

    You're so welcome! Keep up the great work on your blog!

    Also, I submitted the rough draft of my article to the Daily Muse this Friday. I'll let you know when it comes out. :)

  3. You're very welcome, Jenny! Thanks for being awesome and for being my blog friend. :)

    There really are a lot of talented people in the world, aren't there? It can totally be overwhelming. But also... exciting.

  4. Thank you for both including me and sharing the talents of others!!! I'm honored, and I love finding new bogs.
    xo Erin

  5. Thank you so much for the Linky Love and the sparkle you spread around the internet!


  6. Erin,

    You're very welcome! Sequin enthusiasts have to stick together, you know. :)

  7. Madge,

    You're welcome! And thank you for being you. That probably sounds corny, but you're amazing, and you make being in the blogging world extra fun.

    -- Sarah

  8. reading other blogs is def one of my favorite parts of blogging, too. So much fun! like a little window into other people's lives. :)

  9. Hannah,

    A window into other people's lives is a good way to describe it! I'm a nosy person and have to try very, very hard not to peek in people's windows when I'm driving by in my car and the lights are on... so it makes sense that I love peeking at blogs. ;)

  10. I just found your blog and I love it! I think your recent features and sharing are a terrific idea. I'd love to start doing that on my blog. I am an artist (illustration, mostly), but have also dabbled in beading. I love seeing what other artists and crafters do as well, so feel free to pop over to see my blog! I will go and follow yours now :)

  11. Carol,

    Welcome! I think it would be really great if you featured artists on your blog. Are you a member of Artists in Blogland? That's a great place to find people to feature.

    Will definitely check out your blog. I love art of all kinds.


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