Monday, November 21, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday: 40!

40! And a giveaway.

Hello, everyone!

Is it my birthday, you ask? The big 4-0? Nope! That won't happen for a few years.

As I write this entry, however, it's my 40th blog post, which means I'm just 10 posts away from the 50th.

This is exciting to me! When I started this blog, I had no idea if I would like blogging. I certainly had no idea that I would love it, or that Saturday Sequins would become such a huge part of my life and my identity.

Which is why I've decided to do a countdown to the 50th post. Not only that, but when I get to 50, I'm going to do a special post! There will be reflection, lists of various types, pictures, and even a giveaway... as in, one of you darling readers will receive a repurposed video cassette case full of sparklies.

(Who doesn't love sparklies?)

There will be sequins, rhinestones, ribbons, glitter... whatever I can cram into the cassette box! Expect more details soon. And in the meantime....

How to enter:

Leave a comment on this or any post I make between now and the giveaway. Enter as many times as you'd like. Extra points if you tweet about the giveaway, post about it on other social networking sites, or mention it on your own blog -- just make sure you let me know about it, because I'm easily distracted by shiny objects and might not know, otherwise.

Each time you enter, your name will be written on a piece of paper and put into a hat -- and by hat, I actually mean a repurposed oatmeal container decorated in sequins and paint. The winner will be chosen at random.


Giveaway is restricted to residents of US and Canada.

Family members/spouses of Sarah Sequins may not participate.

Friends/adopted family members of Sarah Sequins are welcome to participate.

I hope you're as excited as I am! Thanks for reading, thanks for participating, and have a sequintastic day!


  1. I'd love this. Thanks a ton! eclairre(at)ymail(dot)com

  2. Love the idea! I just checked my posts and I'm on 47! Yay, pats on the back to us!!!! I still feel like a big scaredy cat of this blogging thing though lol I can't enter, dammit being a Brit isn't as fun as people tell you lol who cares about the Queen I want sparkles haha well I guess she comes with a pretty big diamond :)

  3. You're at 47? That's impressive! And you're doing so well at blogging, too! :)

    I feel like a scaredy cat sometimes too, honestly. I think I feel better as time goes on, though, and I hope the same is true for you.

    Sorry about the restriction to North America! Maybe next giveaway I do, it'll be something I can send as an attachment in an email so anyone anywhere can enter. Yes, I like this idea. :)

  4. How exciting!! What a great give away also, I would love to win :)


  5. Did you say extra points? I always did like extra credit in school. I love your count down/contest idea! Keep on blogging!

  6. Yup! Extra points... and maybe gold stars? :)

    Thanks, Melissa! I'm very excited about this.

  7. Very cool! I do love the sparklies! Happy to be part of the countdown posts!

  8. Thanks for being a part of the countdown! :)


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