Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Work in progress Wednesday!

Hello, everyone! Welcome to my very first Work in Progress Wednesday. The theme, as you might have guessed, is jewelry projects I'm working on, but haven't quite gotten around to finishing. To motivate myself to complete them and to share my creative process, I'll post pictures... like these!

I thought I'd share my favorite one first. This is a beady bag I'm working on. After an eight year hiatus from weaving seed beads, I found myself inspired by the wonderful work Kate McKinnon and Dustin Wedekind have been doing and absolutely itching to start weaving again. With a sequintastic twist, of course.

My plans for the bag include: adding more sequin fringe and turning the bag into a necklace... possibly adjustable. I've decided to keep it simple-ish because I want the color pattern to stand out, and not be lost in a sea of sparklies.

This is my first experiment with 10 gauge copper wire, and may I just say... I'm in love? I want to marry 10 gauge copper wire and make lots of little neck wires with it. ;)

I'm also very fond of my stainless steel utensil holder as a necklace mandrel. The ones they sell at Rio Grande are gorgeous, but too expensive! The utensil holder is just the right size for a fraction of the price. To get the nice round shape I taped the ends together and hammered the wire in sections with my rawhide mallet. Kind of like shaping a ring on a ring mandrel.

Plans for this neck wire include: adding lots and lots of sequin fringe! Which will mean making lots and lots of jump rings. I'm probably going with a red and orange color theme, but I reserve the right to change my mind.

And finally, here's another neck wire I made with the swoon-worthy copper wire. The loops in this one are a little more even because I formed each one around a mandrel. I also wrapped the wire all the way around this time, and I like the effect.

So far I've tied some ribbons to it, but I have a lot of other plans for it. It's hard to describe, so I'll just say I'm going to add a lot of colorful, crazy stuff to it, most definitely including sequins, but also including beads and metal and... and we'll see.

And that concludes WIP Wednesday! So tell me. What are you working on?

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Thanks for reading! Have a sequintastic day!


  1. I'm loving the ribbons, if you do work on it anymore please post pics would love to see the result. You don't want me to answer the what am I working on question, be simpler to answer what I'm not lol I'm not currently working on a virtual chocolate bar that gives all the taste but none of the fat (though that's a bloody good idea I may get started...), I'm not working on a wishing device that decreases your clothes and boils the kettle without physical action just the simple thinking of a wish (though again too good to leave that one) and I'm most certainly not working on my story for Nanowrimo! Eeek! I'm going to panic come monday. How's yours coming??? I still cannot even figure out how to use the site, let alone the writing, no idea why I find it so hard. Again I have written a marathon in you comments box, I'm so sorry you seem to be the only person in blogland I do this to - I will try to curb in future. Much love Jennibellie x

  2. Please, keep the long comments coming! They always make me so happy to read. :)

    When that chocolate bar is ready, let me know! :)

    I'm totally panicking about NaNo, too. I have a rough idea of what I'm going to do, but I haven't written fiction in so long! I've lost my groove.

    Last year I panicked and scrapped my original idea... and wrote about space chickens in egg-shaped spaceships. If you find yourself at a loss for ideas, feel free to borrow the chickens until you find your way. :)

  3. This looks wonderful! I totally love that beaded bag. I have no patience for things like this but I always admire people who do. :)

  4. Thanks, Natasha! Welcome!

    I'll be sure to post some pictures of the bag when it's finished.

    I tend to get lost in projects and lose track of time, but I understand it's not that way for everyone! And being admired is always a good thing. :)

  5. The beady bag is amazing... and the necklaces are intriguing... I hope you post more pics if you work on them more xx

  6. I really admire people that can work with metals - partly because I'm not one of them. Your work is way cool.

  7. ooohhh... wearable art. love it!

  8. Tracey,

    Thanks, and welcome!

    I'll definitely keep everyone up to date on the progress of my projects. I'll be working on them a lot in November, which is Art Every Day Month. :)

  9. Annie,

    Thank you! And welcome. :)

    If you ever want to give metals a try, I recommend taking a class -- you'll get all the tools and materials you need in the kit, so you don't have to do much shopping around. Also, it's really fun to learn with a bunch of other people.

  10. Molly,

    Thanks, and welcome to the blog! :)

    Wearable art is definitely what I was going for. I can't wait to show off some of the projects where I take this literally!


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