Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Spooky Sparkly Sequin Spiders!

Saturday Sequins Presents... a very scary Halloween tutorial.

Hello, everyone! Welcome to today's Tutorial Tuesday post.

As you might have guessed from my blog banner and collection of colorful socks, Halloween is a big deal to me. So big, in fact, that I don't just celebrate it on the 31st, but throughout the entire month of October... and any time I need cheering up.

There are few things I love as much as I love Halloween. It's tied with my love of sparkly things, so I thought... why not combine the two and create these spooky sparkly earrings?

(Aren't they adorable? I mean, for spiders...)

To make the earrings, you'll need the following tools: wire cutters, two pairs of chain nose or flat nose pliers, and a 1/16 " circular handheld paper punch, which you can find in the scrapbooking section of your local craft store. I prefer the Fiskars brand, which you can also order online.

You'll also need the following materials: fine silver-plated chain, earring wires, size D20 jump rings (20 gauge, 3.2 mm inner diameter) from Blue Buddha Boutique or a similar size from your local craft store, 20 mm paillette sequins in the color of your choice, and spider confetti.

(Yes, that's tape on my pliers. It keeps me from marring metal with my... death grip.)

Now, here's how you make them:

1.) Open 2 jump rings with your pliers.

2.) Cut a length of chain about 1.5 inches long, or longer if you prefer.

3.) Attach the chain to an earring wire with a jump ring.

(First the ring goes through the chain...)

(And then it goes through the earring wire! And we close the ring.)

4.) Use your paper punch to punch a hole in two pieces of spider confetti. If the confetti gets stuck on the metal part of the punch, gently pry it loose with your fingernails (I use my thumb nails).

(Don't worry, spider. This hurts me more than it hurts you!)

5.) Add your sequins to the other jump ring in the following order: spider, paillette, spider. That way, no matter which way you're facing, there will always be a spider.

(Normally this isn't a good thing. I'm so glad these are just sequins!)

6.) Then attach this rings, with the sequins, to the bottom of the section of chain.

Make your second earring, and voila! You now have a pair of adorable sequin earrings. If you'd like, you can make a matching necklace, like the one pictured above.

For future projects, add more sequins using additional jump rings, vary the length of your silver chain, swap other shapes like hearts and stars for spiders, or try multiple lengths of chain. Now that you know how to make sequins out of confetti, you're not limited to the sequins in craft stores -- so have fun!!!

Thanks, and have a spooky, sequintastic Halloween. :)


  1. Hello honey, I posted a comment when I looked earlier did it not come through? Damned blogger lol thank you for the tutorial, great idea using confetti. I've not made any jewellery for yonks...I really should get back to it I just have too many project running around my head. I'm sooooooooo glad you are doing Nanowrimo (well you said 'hoping' but I'm hoping that's it's a definite - don't make me beg, because I will lol). I'm still confused around the site (tech-fobe that I am) but my username is Jennibellie if you know how to search for buddies? I'm clueless as how to do it. The address for the creative one is: http://creativeeveryday.com/art-every-day-month Come join! Warm wishes, Jennibellie xx

  2. Looks like your comment didn't go through the first time. I'm so glad you posted again! :)

    The more I work on my current project, the more I think that I'll give myself permission to do NaNo whether I reach my goal or not. I've worked really hard these past few months. I need a reward!

    The buddy searching function for NaNo isn't working yet. Maybe in November? I actually couldn't find anything about it on the site and had to search good old Google.

    Have definitely decided to do AEDM! Very excited, and have roped another friend into it, too.


    -- Sarah

  3. Oooh, those look deliciously creepy!

    Great tutorial!

  4. Thanks, Andrea! :)

    This is the closest I'll ever allow spiders to get, that's for sure.

  5. Spider confetti! Now that's clever! Love the use of sequins as discs. Will definitely blog about it!

  6. Thanks! :)

    If you can't find any spider confetti, you can find spider sequins at Cartwright's Sequins. They're in the holiday shapes section, and the address is ccartwright.com.

    Thanks again for featuring the Showoff Box on your blog! I'm so happy I'm bouncing around the house. :)

  7. They are thooo thweet! (yeah, I lisp when I encounter cuteness overload) Thank goodness I kept all our table confetti. Yay to you!

  8. Thanks! :)

    So you've got a confetti stash?? Awesome! I'll have to post more tutorials soon.


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