Sunday, October 23, 2011

Share with me Sunday: Exciting things!

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Share With Me Sunday! A chance for us to get to know each other and share the things we love, whether they're books, projects, ideas, blogs, or even pictures of our socks (which I always welcome).

The rules are simple! Share anything related to the topic. I only ask that if you include a link, you also copy and paste the entire URL into the comment box for those who want to be sure they're clicking on what they think they're clicking on... and not, say, a video of Rick Astley. ;)

Today's topic is things we're excited about! Here's my list:

1.) Did you know that November isn't just National Novel Writing Month, but Art Every Day Month? I recently found out from one of my favorite blogging buddies and book artists, Miss Jennibellie. Want to join in our fun? Sign up here!

I'm not just excited because I'll be making art each day. I'm excited because I'll be making different kinds of art! I have my work table in the studio set up with jewelry, painting, and sewing projects, and I'm going to let myself move from project to project with total freedom. I'll even be making some itty bitty books out of playing cards.

2.) It's almost Halloween!!! I'm going to a costume party, and then after that, I'm eating Thai food and telling scary stories with friends. What's my costume? Well, the theme is Evil Carnival, so I'll be an evil fortune teller. Using this as my excuse to wear my Big Flashy Jewelry and twirly skirt.

3.) Soup week over at Pink Audrey's blog!!! I'll be a guest blogger and sharing a recipe for my favorite soup ever... spicy black bean soup. I can't wait to see what she and other guests are making.

4.) Three words. Creative Reuse Centers. I'll be writing more about them later, but for now, did you know they're all over the United States? They're a great way to turn your trash into someone else's treasure, keep useful materials from ending up in landfills, support struggling artists and teachers who need supplies, declutter, and find a lot of cool stuff for cheap. Yes, I've found sequins in places like this. And beads. And rhinestones. And cardboard and paper for my first ever book art projects.

5.) Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher. This is a book I'm recommending to everyone, and with good reason! For most of my life I thought I was scatterbrained for liking painting and jewelry making and writing and foreign languages and cooking and singing and writing music and embroidery and physics and all the other things I like, and for not settling down with just one. Then I decided to accept it... and almost as soon as I did, a friend blogged about this book. As I was coming to realize, it's actually amazing and awesome that my mind works the way it does.

This book is great for multi-talented people, but it's also great for anyone who has trouble with time management and organization. Each and every time I read this book, I learn something else that changes my life for the better! Which is why I only read little sections at a time. It can be overwhelming, in a good way.

There's a lot more I'm excited about, but I want to hear from you! So start sharing, whether it's today or three months from today! And keep sharing. If you forget to add something, come on back and add it. :)

Have a sequintastic day!


  1. Also exciting:

    This article!!!

    Best business advice ever.

  2. Hi, Sarah!I found your blog through a comment you made on A Bead A Day, so I came to check you and your blog out. :) I also love sparkly things and Halloween! But, only the cute-sy Halloween things. Don't like the scary, dark stuff! Also, read some of your postings. They are very interesting and informative. I will be back to read more! Also, I am following you so I won't miss a thing! Have a great week!

  3. Lisa,

    Welcome! Thanks for your nice comment, and for following me! I'll definitely be checking out your blog -- that blue necklace in your icon is beautiful!

    -- Sarah

  4. Thanks for following me, too! As you could tell, I read far more than I post. I've always been a reader, but trying to get better at the posting side of things. :)

  5. I'm back again! Thank you for visiting my other blog and following it, too. I was so new to blogging when I made both of my blogs and I did them separately w/different email addresses. Oh well, my first thoughts were I wanted the jewelry one separate, but as time rolled on, I found it would have been better to do one. What's done is done and it will be ok. I am going to check out your post on injury. Thanks for your kindness. Following you through this one, too! Talk to you later!


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