Monday, October 31, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday: Soup Week!

As you may know, one of the many hats I wear in life is that of chef. I love, love, love, experimenting with food and coming up with new recipes -- almost as much as I love eating them.

I also love sharing the things I make. There's something incredibly satisfying about feeding people delicious things, especially when they're starving, and maybe in need of cheering up after a long day.

I wish I could invite all of you over for a dinner party. We'd have such a blast! But since many of you are far away, I'll settle for sharing the recipe for one of my favorite soups. Today I'll be a guest blogger over at Pink Audrey's blog, and I'll post the recipe for my vegetarian black bean soup. So spicy, so good, and so good for you! The perfect soup for colder weather.

I hope you get to make and enjoy the soup! Have a spooktastic Halloween and a sequintastic day!

Edit: Also check out Tasty Tuesday on For the Love of Blogs ( There are plenty of recipes there, too!


  1. Give me soup any time! I am a big soup fan. In Jamaica Saturday is usually a day for soup. We mainly drink pumpkin soup but I have enjoyed various soups. I am a new Follower of your Blog from the Tasty Tuesday Blog Hop. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  2. Hi, Judy! :)

    If you like pumpkin soup, my friend Audrey has a recipe for pumpkin pork soup on her blog, too. I think it's the entry right before mine. I've had it before, and I can promise, it's worth making!

  3. Must check out that black bean soup recipe as I am trying to eat vegetarian sometimes!

    BTW, I did review Chained - it was a fantastic book too. Check out my other reviews here -

  4. I think you'll like the recipe!

    I also have recipes for potato leek soup, chick pea curry soup, and split pea lentil, if you're interested. All are vegetarian, and very delicious. I can always post them here. :)

    Oh, yay!!! I'm off to read your review of Chained.