Saturday, June 18, 2011

Do what you love!

I'm the sort of person who grew up thinking she had to do something practical with her life. The things I was passionate about, namely writing and jewelry making, were things I saw as hobbies, and not a way to make a living. It wasn't a career unless I was, well, bored.

Now that I'm older, and definitely wiser, at least in this respect, I realize this is a silly way of thinking! I also know that I'll never be happy, or feel truly fulfilled, unless I do something I love, that presents me with new challenges every day, and that puts my creativity to good use.

(This is Queen of Hearts, the focal piece of a necklace I made in March. I've been making jewelry since the age of nine! And telling myself it's just a "hobby" for almost as long.)

So here's what I've decided. I can, and will, attempt to earn income from my creative work. This is where today's blog post comes in. It is the first in my Do What You Love series. Advice to myself on how to make my dream job a reality. You see, I have this strange habit of giving myself advice, and it has an even stranger habit of working -- but I'm hoping to inspire others, too.

One step of this journey, as you've probably guessed, is giving yourself permission to try -- but I'll get back to this in a bit. The first step is deciding just what you want to do!

Picture the perfect job. The thing you've always wanted to do, no matter how weird or impractical it may seem. No, not what will make the most money, or make your parents proud, or give you something to brag about to your former high school classmates. The thing that would make you feel most alive. Do you have the picture in your head?

(I do!)

Good. Maybe you chose one thing. Maybe you chose several -- that's OK! You might even be able to combine them. Now you're ready for the next step. Take a deep breath and tell yourself yes. Give yourself permission to make a go of this. Permission to try. You have mine already.

It's OK to want to follow your dreams. It's more than OK -- it's awesome! People all around you are doing it every day. It's OK to want to follow an unconventional path. The road less traveled often provides the most interesting twists and turns. It's OK to be scared as you start this journey. Fear is natural, and expected as you move into new territory. It's dizzying and thrilling and terrifying, like a ride on a hang glider. Just don't let the fear control you.

And finally, it's OK to take things slowly. In fact, it's smart. You can take time to plan. To break this plan into manageable steps. To research, to find a mentor or mentors. To save money. To purchase supplies, tools, business cards. These steps will be covered in future posts.

Thanks for stopping by! And if you've chosen to do so, thanks for doing this with me. Or even considering doing this with me. Things like this are always easier if we have people to hold hands with.

Have a sequintastic day!

Next week's post is about planning and hard work. But don't worry, I'll throw in some sparkly things as well.

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