Saturday, June 11, 2011

The bead show!

The Bead and Button show was a blast, and I'm already looking forward to next year. We saw friends and teachers from previous years, met new people, and took some great classes. Oh, and ate some delicious, yet artery-clogging, foods. Milwaukee and cheese. I'm telling ya.

Some excellent sequin-related things happened this year. First of all, I wore one of my new chainmaille necklaces, which featured sequin dangles. This got a fair bit of attention and gave me a chance to introduce the concept of sequins as jewelry components to a number of people.

(And to hand out business cards. I have to admit, I'm still shy about that!)

Of course, not everyone needed an introduction. I saw not one, but two booths carrying sequins. One of them had a couple boxes tucked away, and it took some hunting around to find them. But another booth had them right near the register. They were lovely, and if I didn't have a special package waiting for me in my mailbox at home, I would have splurged, big time.

(As such, I did splurge on some fantastic sparkly beads, carried by Beadtime/BeadAlgo. They're Chinese cut crystal, not Swarovski, but honestly, that doesn't matter too much to me. Because they're gorgeous! The way they catch the light is amazing. Like tiny strobe lights.)

But the best surprise was meeting my teacher, Dallas Lovett. Not only was he a kind and patient teacher who created a relaxed -- and often hilarious -- classroom atmosphere, but he uses sequins in his work, too! I was lucky enough to see his Sea Carnival bracelet, and I have to say, if class hadn't been going on right that at moment, I would have squealed. It turns out, we even use the same supplier.

To check out his work -- and I strongly suggest you do, as it's amazing, incredible, and very sparkly -- visit his website: There are plenty of talented wire artists in the world, but there's nobody like him. He's in a class by himself. Except when he's teaching. Then he's in a class with about 16 other people. ;)

And finally, there was the package. I should probably write that as The Package to convey just how exciting this was. A shipment of sparkly dealies so big, the box couldn't fit in the mailbox! I opened them as soon as I got home. I have big plans for them, as you'll see on a Saturday in the near future.

(So many sparklies!)

That's all for today! Thanks for stopping by. Next's week's topic... is a surprise.

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